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The Weekend….


This comes to you from the land of chaos!

As I sit here at my island typing this, there is my sectional sofa in the kitchen with me as well and a confused dog and a chair in the hallway.  I feel a tad trapped.  I am sure you guessed by now that we are in the midst of carpet cleaning!

I tried to carry on as usual, but it just wasn’t possible.  I got the dyes out and thought that this would calm me, not so much.  Away all of that went.

I thought I should pay some attention to my special dying project and had to pull things apart in that room and there are boxes and yarn and I decided that this did nothing for me either.

Yesterday I attempted a new project, but a migraine foiled my ability to read a pattern and comprehend it.  I don’t feel too bad because there are others on Ravelry who think it is a bit confusing too!  I am in good company.

I am headed upstairs to yet another mess and when I clean off my chair, I am going to sit my butt in it and watch a movie and knit on a sock.  You know the one without its’ mate.

On the upside, my parents leave for Iceland this afternoon and I wish them a wonderful trip!

See you when things are back to normal.  I mean really, define NORMAL???

This is the color of my sweater.  The color has yet to be named.  What do you think?


Happy Sunday!



Blocking is to lace….

Blocking is to lace as Viagra is to, well you get my drift ….. they both make magic.  Both take something that has limited shape and makes them amazing!!How is that for a metaphor?  I’ve been giggling about it for a day or two and since I haven’t blogged in a bit, I thought I would start with a funny.

Blocking is truly magical.  I can be knitting away on a project, mostly lace as of late and when they are blocked, my hubby is always amazed. There are comments like, where did that come from?, when did you make that?  That didn’t look like that when you were knitting it.  And this is true.  Sometimes I have a little doubt about what it’s going to look like until it has a good bath and it hits the blocking board and the magic happens.  Just like my finished Sagebrush by Romi Hill.  It looked small and although I used 98% of the skein I doubted that I would be able to wrap it twice around my neck, but then the Viagra blocking happened and it grew.  Now you see why my metaphor works so well!!!


I do love the pattern and I did it in Yankee Stride so it feels so lovely around my neck and I can wrap it twice, which is exactly what I wanted.  It’s so light and drapey yet provides such warmth.  This knits up really quick and would make lovely gifts.  In case you didn’t know, the holidays are not far away!

I entered my beautiful shawl Cactus Flower, also by Romi Hill into our local County Fair and I was recognized with a lovely 2nd Place ribbon.  My son told me I was robbed…my sweet defender.


This is my finest knitting to date!  I adore this shawl and Romi Hill.

I haven’t been ignoring you I am just really busy dying.  I am not sure that I can talk about my top secret dying yet, but I am at a point where I can start dying for the Etsy shop and the rest of my knitter friends.

I will be casting on that sweater as soon as I dye the yarn!  I actually took stock of the sweaters I own and there seemed to be a common anthem…blue, green, teal, pink, purple, blue…you see where this is headed.  I dyed a color completely off the grid for me and others have been consulted and it is yummy.  To be continued in another post.

I hope all is well with you and I hope I gave you a giggle!

Happy Knitting,


Holy Cardigan…..

Wow, what a morning!  I usually get on the computer while eating my breakfast and of course, I head to Ravelry to see what’s what in the knitting world today.  Well, today was a big day for Twist Collective and Brooklyn Tweed as they released their Fall 2013 must knits!!  I sat there and drooled for a good 45 minutes, faving and queing cardigans!  This is especially exciting because I just received some worsted weight yarn to dye.  I think it just might be MINE!


I am in a cardigan frame of mind.  I immediately fell in love with a gorgeous cardi by Amy Herzog, pattern is Literati on Twist Collective and immediately bought the pattern!  I already have the buttons from my trip this summer.

I have been knitting shawls for the last couple of years and I still adore them, I just need something meatier to work on and this sweater is exactly what I wanted.  I just ordered some Aran weight yarn that I will dye for myself.  Yes, I will embark on some selfish knitting.

As I type this post, it is 87 degrees out, but it will get colder and a new sweater will be needed.

So what has you excited?  I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Knitting,