School, Summer…What??

Where did the summer go?  I swear I just turned off my “school” alarm.  Usually summer drags, but not this summer, it flew by so fast, so glad we enjoyed it and I hope you did as well.

We just returned from a trip to Cape Cod where there was a bit of a chill in the air at times, mostly at dusk. I have to admit that watching almost the entire Shark Week on the Discovery Channel kept me out of the ocean. So I walked the beach in search of my elusive beach glass.


My first meal on Cape was this with my Dad…..yes, it was that good!


We were fortunate to see family members that we don’t usually get to see, so that was a treat!!

I did make it to two knitting shops, one in Warren, RI and the other on Cape Cod.  I bought an Anne Hanson pattern from the shop in Warren and these buttons for a future cardigan.


They were too cute to leave behind! I wondered if putting the buttons before the sweater was wrong somehow, but my knitter friends assured me that it was fine!

We came home on Saturday and school started on Monday and here was my 5th grader.  As I looked back at previous “First Day of School” photos I immediately got weepy.  He was such a baby when he left for Kindergarten and looks so grown up now!  I also like that I haven’t aged one bit since his birth….I’m kidding!


That’s what I’ve been up to.  More visiting than knitting and that’s fine with me.

The dye pots will be up and running soon.  The house needs to look a bit neater before I unleash my creative juices.

Have a great week!



One response to “School, Summer…What??

  1. start!! next week! then I will have more knitting time 😉
    so glad you got those buttons! they r really awesome


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