Confession, I’m a worrier….

Greetings from the kitchen table where I sit, worrying.  I have to admit that I am a bit of a worrier.  I am always worried about the boy, who seems just fine and dandy and growing.  I worry about lots of things I can and can’t control.  I’m working on worrying less, I really am!

We leave on Saturday for a week in Massachusetts to see our parents, siblings and their children.  I will spend a couple of days with my in-laws and then I will board a bus that is bound for Cape Cod and some quality time with my parents and a lobster or two!  After watching Shark Week with the boy last week, not thinking about being in the water too much, if at all!!

I am finishing up the custome dye orders and they will be delivered this week.  I was worried about this order. The color had to be just so and when at The Mannings, I picked up 2 dye colors that I thought might help and they did, see…


I haven’t been knitting to much, been thinking about it though.  My right hand is still not quite right after the fall I took and of course I never had it checked out.  Not to smart on my part.  But when I feel like a can do a couple of rows, I am knitting this….


Now if you are saying to yourself, hey, I thought it was hues of purple, you are right!  I thought I needed a wee bit of cashmere in this as I plan to wear it close to my skin and do intend to make it as originally designed, an infinity cowl.  I did however tweek the number of cast on stitches from 81 to 51 as I am petite and the 81 stitches was really to wide for me.  Others on Ravelry did the same.  I am using Yankee Stride, a lovely blend of 80% Merino, 10% Cashmere and 10% Nylon….see, just a wee bit of cashmere and all is well with the world!

Until next we meet!  Have a great day!!



3 responses to “Confession, I’m a worrier….

  1. sounds like an anxiety thing… i’m familiar with it myself 😛 CBT may help with worrying less.
    very nice shade for your infinity cowl 🙂


  2. Always enjoy your blog! About the worrying; if the time & energy spent
    doing so changed things, then that would be one thing. Turning
    the major worries over to a Higher power & manage all others as concerns
    seems to help me. Letting go is something many of us work on changing for the better
    The cowl that you are working on looks beautiful – wonderful yarn blend!


  3. We, too, are eagerly awaiting your arrival for a quality visit – seafood included!!


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