Goofing off….

What a fabulous weekend I had with my friends who also happen to be knitters!  I totally blew off all housework in favor of going to East Berlin, PA to attend The Manning’s Annual Knit In.  This was my second year going and more of our friends from MD came and it was just a blast.  I bought several patterns from Churchmouse and a fun Zauberball and a skein of Rowan Kidsilk haze, some dye and I stuck to my spending limit.

I didn’t really take any pictures.  I am not sure why, just to busy shopping and laughing.  I haven’t laughed like that in so long, that my side hurt the next day when I saw all the same people for another gathering.

Sunday’s gathering was a summer get together that included my nemesis, the margarita!  Drinking two of these during the day is not a good idea, but they were delicious.  The food was amazing as was the group of ladies I was with.  There was also a baby involved and she got passed around quite a bit.  Babies smell so good and feel so cuddly and warm and I swear it makes your ovaries start to dance and your brain starts talking smack about how you need another one and it will be all so wonderful….it might have been the booze talking too….!  I came home and tried to cuddle with my 10-year-old and it was nice, he is now convinced that I am nuts, but it wasn’t that “feeling” when you are holding a baby.  In answer to your upcoming question, no, there won’t be anymore babies in my future except for the ones that new parents let me hold.  I’m OK with that!!

The repercussions of goofing off all weekend is playing catch-up this week.  Everywhere I look there seems to be piles of stuff that needs sorting and discarding and I guess I will have to do it.  By the way, since I was goofing off, nobody else who lives her felt compelled to swish a toilet or start a dishwasher.  Don’t let me get started on this because it will take on a whole life of its own.

I hope your weekend was as wonderful!




One response to “Goofing off….

  1. Michele,
    You have such a gift with words!! You always make me laugh. Thank you.


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