I should ask other dyers this question.  Do your customers give your props and ask you to dye them “that” color?  It’s been getting really amusing here and I thought that I would take a picture of what has been handed to me over the last few weeks.


What you are seeing is a flashlight, a handbag and a shawl, because my customers want those colors.  As you know, replicating some colors are earlier than others. Reds quite frankly are a pain in the ass.  If you are a dyer, what do you do?  The blue flashlight came out beautifully and my customer was very happy. Of course I forgot to take a picture of the yarn.

I was going to dye today, but I took a nasty fall down the stairs on Monday and I haven’t quite recovered.  All right side including my hand which I may have sprained since it still hurts a lot. I am typing this blog with one hand.  I think I might soak in the tub tonight and try to ease my pains away.


Bryce gave me this darling little treasure for my birthday.  It is a turtle made out of shells with a straw hat and glasses.  She made it home in one piece.

Have a wonderful weekend and happy knitting!



One response to “Props…..

  1. take a bunch of co q 10, it will help with the aches.
    feel better soon!


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