Lets re-wind a bit, shall we?

Hello to all…

We are back from our fabulous family vacation and it took about a week to adjust to non-beach time and get back to something that resembles a sort of routine, as it is summer.

Let me begin by saying that I finished the shawl on Thursday night July 4th and blocked it just before we left.  I have to admit that this is the most challenging knit to date and I couldn’t be prouder of it.  It is the Mystery Shawl by Rosemary Romi Hill called Cactus Flower.


I ment to take it with me on vacation, but honestly, it was just too hot for it.  Dare I say it, but it was almost to hot to knit and frankly, I did very little.

This was the view from the living room and dining room and where I spend most of my time if I wasn’t on the deck enjoying the ocean breezes.


It was quiet and relaxing, just what we needed.  Tough ride for the pup, she’s 3, but still a baby.  Car sickness has always been a problem for her despite our best efforts to ease it.  At one point we stopped and got her some gingersnap cookies and that got us there without any further incidents.  I had my knitting bag up front with me and took a picture of my “car sock” and a fellow knitter saw my tweet and actually spied the cookies sticking out of my bag!  Good vision on her part!!


The beach was just a slice of heaven!  Being from Massachusetts, we loved the water, but it like never warms up.  Of course my son jumps in any water at any temperature.  I venture slowly.  It was so amazingly warm I couldn’t believe it. Part of me wanted to just dive in, but I think I watch the movie “Jaws” a few too many time and all I could hear in my brain was the sound they played when the shark was around.  I went in up to my waist.  Watching the boy was a two parent job until this parent got taken down by a wave and needed a little saving.


As you can see the waves were something else.  Pulled the sand right out from under you.


We are already looking forward to next year!  I hope that you are having a wonderful summer!

See you soon and happy knitting!



2 responses to “Lets re-wind a bit, shall we?

  1. I am so glad you had a good time and that it was a great vacation!


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