The Planning…

I have been writing this blog post for about a week.  I want to include some pictures but can’t seem to remember to take them and then I get in a knitting zone and well, all else seems to exist.  You understand, I know you do.

We leave Sunday for vacation!!  Now that it is much closer, I am getting really excited and list have started.  Of course there’s a knitting list.  Thanks to Rosemary (Romi) Hill for making my knitting decisions easier by releasing 5 new patterns last week!!  She is a busy lady indeed and as I am knitting the edging on my Mystery KAL, I am even more in love with her thought process in her designs.  I had hoped to have it done before we leave, but that would mean no sleep and I must have some sleep to deal with the Bryce who has been BORED since school ended.  Frankly, he is the reason the edge is not done! I love him nonetheless!  Actually having forgone any sort of housework, I have made HUGE progress, it might actualty be done or damn close!  Here is a picture of the beautiful edge.  I need a LOVE button..


We have been stuck in a rather sucky weather pattern for about a week. Dew points in to 70’s and one terrible storm after another, which the occasional tornado threat thrown in for good measure.  Hubby and son were headed to karate on Monday  evening and a confirmed tornado happened right in front of them.  Glad I wasn’t with them, I would have peed my pants for sure!

I did check the weather for next week and it is looking perfect.  My plan for vacation is beach, naps, knitting and reading.  I am going to try give myself a week off from electronics, no email, no twitter.  Just the book I downloaded to my Kindle and my iPod with all my music.  This is going to be my view….

On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful...

On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful…

I will see you all on the flip side of our family vacation!  This is also where I will be spending my birthday, not bad, not bad!  If only Kenny Chesney would show up and sing me a song. Hey, a girl can have delusions dream!


Happy July!



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