What to knit next?

In case you were wondering, I attacked the bathing suit issue today with son in tow and the lovely lady at Land’s End was a huge help.  I did however have to dress and undress several times.  The boy couldn’t help me by going and getting a different size.  He was actually very patient and helpful with concerned comments regarding “the ladies” , which had me cracking up and the lady next to me.  I ended up ordering straight from Land’s End and let’s keep our fingers crossed that it fits.

On to knitting, cause who really cares about the bathing suit, right? I finished Clue #4 on the Romi Mystery Shawl…..see….


I have been working on the border and I must have messed up a few times because I keep coming up 1 stitch extra.  I did finish one complete repeat and the design is beautiful.  I threw in a life line and I think that threw me off, so I fiddled with it and kept going and all was not well, so I just ripped it out.  When it’s only 26-30 stitches it’s kinda no big deal, a little frustrating, but no big deal.

I am trying to decide what to bring with me to knit on vacation, especially in the car.  Since I am still experimenting with double-pointed needles and socks, I am thinking that might be good car knitting.  Trying to decide about the knitting once I am there.  I still have a week to decide and plenty of yarn!

I hope that you all are enjoying the start to your summer.  We are getting all the usual check-ups done and over with.  So far dental and eyes are all done.  Too early for the expected braces and the child has perfect eyesight, no surprise there.

I am off to tackle to edging! Have a great day!



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