Happy Summer!

It’s been a week of adjustments, both in our schedules and some people’s attitudes. I speak of the boy.  Can’t say much else except I hope things get better.

The computer I use is heading into the shop for some maintenance and hopefully I can come to you via my Kindle.

I successfully finished Clue #4 of the Romi Mystery KAL and am pleased that we spent some time apart. It was good for both of us.

I am in the process of planning my knitting for our family vacation to the Outer Banks.  I think this is the more stressful part of the process and the most fun.  I am looking forward to this vacation very much.  Bathing suit is still an issue I haven’t addressed.

The Etsy shop has been updated with the latest and greatest! Be sure to check it out.

Have a great weekend and be happy!



One response to “Summer…

  1. Happy summertime to you & yours!


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