Ready?? Yep, I think so….

I’ve been absent, I know, but big things have been going on around here.

The boy turned 10 and apparently my hubby felt the need to dedicate an entire weekend to said birthday.

My parents were in town and it was lovely.  They got to be here for the royal birthday, a soccer game, a school event and lastly they got to see Bryce awarded his Brown belt in karate.  We fit a wee bit of adult time that included having mom with me to shop for new glasses.

Tuesday was practically spent in the car doing errands for ArtFest and I threw in a few other things.  Mostly it was schlepping the boy here and there and trying to get dinner somewhere in between.

Mom and Dad left Thursday morning and I have been on the go since doing festival stuff.  I think I am done.

For those of you who come and witness me in my first ever booth event, please be kind.  It’s my first time and I am sure that there are things that I will tweak.  I will find things that work and things that maybe, well, don’t.  It’s all trial and error.

Have I mentioned that I haven’t knit in a week or been on Ravelry or Twitter?  I think I sent out a Tweet from bed stating that I was still alive.  I have been on Facebook also letting you all know that I was alive.

I should go and check to make sure I have everything.

I will see you on the flip side of ArtFest and I should have pictures.  Somebody remind me to take pictures!

See you soon,



2 responses to “Ready?? Yep, I think so….

  1. Have fun!!! Wish I could be there…


  2. And you’ll have all your peeps with you – such fun – can’t wait!


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