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Etsy Sale….

We are celebrating the 4th with a sale in our Etsy shop!  Use Code FIREWORKS at checkout and receive 20% off your entire purchase!


I will have another blog post later.

Happy Shopping!



What to knit next?

In case you were wondering, I attacked the bathing suit issue today with son in tow and the lovely lady at Land’s End was a huge help.  I did however have to dress and undress several times.  The boy couldn’t help me by going and getting a different size.  He was actually very patient and helpful with concerned comments regarding “the ladies” , which had me cracking up and the lady next to me.  I ended up ordering straight from Land’s End and let’s keep our fingers crossed that it fits.

On to knitting, cause who really cares about the bathing suit, right? I finished Clue #4 on the Romi Mystery Shawl…..see….


I have been working on the border and I must have messed up a few times because I keep coming up 1 stitch extra.  I did finish one complete repeat and the design is beautiful.  I threw in a life line and I think that threw me off, so I fiddled with it and kept going and all was not well, so I just ripped it out.  When it’s only 26-30 stitches it’s kinda no big deal, a little frustrating, but no big deal.

I am trying to decide what to bring with me to knit on vacation, especially in the car.  Since I am still experimenting with double-pointed needles and socks, I am thinking that might be good car knitting.  Trying to decide about the knitting once I am there.  I still have a week to decide and plenty of yarn!

I hope that you all are enjoying the start to your summer.  We are getting all the usual check-ups done and over with.  So far dental and eyes are all done.  Too early for the expected braces and the child has perfect eyesight, no surprise there.

I am off to tackle to edging! Have a great day!



Happy Summer!

It’s been a week of adjustments, both in our schedules and some people’s attitudes. I speak of the boy.  Can’t say much else except I hope things get better.

The computer I use is heading into the shop for some maintenance and hopefully I can come to you via my Kindle.

I successfully finished Clue #4 of the Romi Mystery KAL and am pleased that we spent some time apart. It was good for both of us.

I am in the process of planning my knitting for our family vacation to the Outer Banks.  I think this is the more stressful part of the process and the most fun.  I am looking forward to this vacation very much.  Bathing suit is still an issue I haven’t addressed.

The Etsy shop has been updated with the latest and greatest! Be sure to check it out.

Have a great weekend and be happy!


The Mall…

Today was the last day of school and my little man will be a 5th grader in August.  We came through this year well and intact.  I still feel that an adult beverage is well deserved by both Kyle and I this evening.

I ran to the mall this morning to have my glasses adjusted and to get a Father’s Day gift for the hubby.  While there I scored some cute tops for myself.  As I was checking out, the sales girl asked if I was interested in a bathing suit??  Alarm bells went off in my head and I was thinking….Oh hell to the no….but what I said was, thank you, but when I woke up this morning that never crossed my mind.  She proceeds to tell me that they are 40% off (Lands End).  We are now in a sort of limbo state.  We are going to the Outer Banks for vacation in a couple of weeks and I probably should have a suit and a COVER UP.  So, I say, show me what you have that blends me into the background.  She leads me to the, wait for it, MIRACLE SUIT.  I start laughing and she looks puzzled.  I told her of my adventure in the intimate apparel department with something else called the Miracle undergarment and not only did I get stuck in it, but there was no flipping miracle!!!  We were both laughing.  I told her I would be back after I got myself mentally ready for that and when she could be on “stand-by” for an emergency extraction of the bathing suit.  I saw a few women circling, but nobody was biting.  I found it all pretty funny.

In knitting news, I am back working on the Romi MKAL and all is well for now.

Knit night had to be cancelled last night due to crappy weather and I miss seeing everyone so much.  It really is my favorite day of the week!

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope your weather is glorious!


Knitters Guilt….

It’s a lovely day here in the South East.  We had some terrible storms last night including tornado warnings that always leave me feeling very unsettled and apparently north of us there was some damage.  I hope that no one was hurt.

Yesterday I spent the day relaxing and soaking in the last few days of peace and quiet before school ends for the year.  I really can’t believe that my baby will be heading into 5th grade.  Time sure does fly when you are tired.

Anyway, I was going through my mountain (slight exaggeration) of patterns and had some yarn in my lap and I was kinda ready to start another project and then I looked around me and saw an uncomfortable amount of project bags.  I started to look through a couple, I didn’t want to overwhelm myself, and I found my Citron that is almost done.  I decided then and there that I was going to start finishing things up before I cast on something new.  I also realized by the note in my project bag that I had taken this off the correct needles and I needed to find my size US #6.  I did find them in my Linen Stitch scarf, another UFO, and proceed to reclaim my #6 needles.  I love my linen stitch scarf, but it really messes with my hand.  So, I am in finish mode.  First the Citron and then back to my nemesis, the Romi MKAL, and then I have a SSS (single sock syndrome) that needs to be addressed which I think will be good car knitting when we head south for vacation in a few weeks!!

So that is what I am up to.  What about you? What are you working on?

Also, remember this is World Wide Knit in Public Week, take your needles out and show the world what you can do with sticks and string!!

Happy knitting,


The Experience….

What a fun weekend!  Despite the rain, I was keeping it all positive.

I now have my first festival under my belt and it feels so good to have accomplished it.  I have a new found respect for all of your vendors at the BIG festivals like Rhinebeck and MD Sheep and Wool.  It’s a crazy ride.  Going to Sheep and Wool as “regular people” you just see it as a really fun day looking  buying lots of neat stuff.  Knowing now what goes into it all, God Bless you for all you do.  You really have to love what you do to do what you do!!

It was great meeting lots of wonderful people, especially all the ones that wanted to buy my finished shawls.  I had to break it to them gently that I was still attached to them.  I would like to personally thank my family for supporting me yesterday and everyday.  My son wanted to know if I was rich yet??  I told him that was not my goal and that I dye yarn because it makes me happy. He replied, could you just get rich enough to buy me a pool!  Kids…

Here is the picture of my booth…


Needless to say, we all slept well on Saturday night!

I am off to play catch up on household stuff!

Have a great day!


Ready?? Yep, I think so….

I’ve been absent, I know, but big things have been going on around here.

The boy turned 10 and apparently my hubby felt the need to dedicate an entire weekend to said birthday.

My parents were in town and it was lovely.  They got to be here for the royal birthday, a soccer game, a school event and lastly they got to see Bryce awarded his Brown belt in karate.  We fit a wee bit of adult time that included having mom with me to shop for new glasses.

Tuesday was practically spent in the car doing errands for ArtFest and I threw in a few other things.  Mostly it was schlepping the boy here and there and trying to get dinner somewhere in between.

Mom and Dad left Thursday morning and I have been on the go since doing festival stuff.  I think I am done.

For those of you who come and witness me in my first ever booth event, please be kind.  It’s my first time and I am sure that there are things that I will tweak.  I will find things that work and things that maybe, well, don’t.  It’s all trial and error.

Have I mentioned that I haven’t knit in a week or been on Ravelry or Twitter?  I think I sent out a Tweet from bed stating that I was still alive.  I have been on Facebook also letting you all know that I was alive.

I should go and check to make sure I have everything.

I will see you on the flip side of ArtFest and I should have pictures.  Somebody remind me to take pictures!

See you soon,


Double Digets…..

Today is the birthday of our little man.  It is hard to believe that 10 years has gone by.  They have gone by as fast as you are Bryce.  Even in utero I told your Daddy to invest in some good sneakers because you never stopped flipping and flopping and I just knew this was how you were going to roll and you didn’t disappoint.

You have had us laughing and sometimes crying these last 10 years.  I have a word for your perception of the world, Bryce-ism’s.  Like when you told Nana that you loved her with all your heart beeps!  You have a great sense of humor, you get that from me, and if I’m not crying, I am laughing. Like when I TRIED to have the Stranger Danger talk with you and you played out so many alternate scenarios you left me totally confused. I totally dread any other serious talks with you until I’ve sought advice of professionals.  At the beginning of the school year when you 1/2 shaved off your eyebrows just before we went to meet your 4th grade teacher and you tried to fix it with a No. 2 pencil.  I love that you still sleep with your blankie and sometimes wear it as a shawl and that you are the only kid in 4th grade that knows what a shawlette is!  I love your enthusiasm and creativity.  I love that you still believe in Santa. I love that beautiful head of red hair and freckles even though you tried scrubbing them off.

I wish I had 1/4 of your energy.


Happy 10th Birthday Bryce!  I love you with all my heart beeps!  I also love you more!