Secret Dyeing…..

I have to laugh because ever since I blogged about those three lovely skeins, 2 complete sets have been spoken for.  I will admit that I fell pretty hard for them as well and am in the process of making MORE, LOTS MORE…

I am hot and heavy into the dyeing. It needs to all be done by early next week as my parents are coming to town and I can’t have a yarn ridden home, or can I?? Plus you know I have the house to clean.  It has been sorely neglected.

I finished Windward and I love it!  The wool gods must have known I finished a knitted garment because it is now 90 degrees out, typical.


I have been fiddling around with my sexy Signature size 1 DPN’s attempting to do socks the way that Susan B. Anderson does hers.  I don’t think that it is a one way or another that irritates my hand, it the frigging size of the needle.  I am kinda ticked to say the least.  I am putting it aside for now. I can’t have my hand hurting now.  I think I will save that for vacation knitting.  I will have to say that I am so used to knitting with circulars that I keep dropping one of the DPN’s and then laughing which makes my hubby think I am nuts…..really, he’s not that far off on that one.

I have a list of things I have to do that feels a mile long.  I am off to start checking things off as I go.

See you soon,



2 responses to “Secret Dyeing…..

  1. DPNS are a pain! Stick to the circulars!


  2. Dye, dye, dye! We can’t wait to see you at the Arts Festival! BTW – have fun with your parents!


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