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Secret Dyeing…..

I have to laugh because ever since I blogged about those three lovely skeins, 2 complete sets have been spoken for.  I will admit that I fell pretty hard for them as well and am in the process of making MORE, LOTS MORE…

I am hot and heavy into the dyeing. It needs to all be done by early next week as my parents are coming to town and I can’t have a yarn ridden home, or can I?? Plus you know I have the house to clean.  It has been sorely neglected.

I finished Windward and I love it!  The wool gods must have known I finished a knitted garment because it is now 90 degrees out, typical.


I have been fiddling around with my sexy Signature size 1 DPN’s attempting to do socks the way that Susan B. Anderson does hers.  I don’t think that it is a one way or another that irritates my hand, it the frigging size of the needle.  I am kinda ticked to say the least.  I am putting it aside for now. I can’t have my hand hurting now.  I think I will save that for vacation knitting.  I will have to say that I am so used to knitting with circulars that I keep dropping one of the DPN’s and then laughing which makes my hubby think I am nuts…..really, he’s not that far off on that one.

I have a list of things I have to do that feels a mile long.  I am off to start checking things off as I go.

See you soon,



Dyeing and Organizing….

I looked at the calendar and kinda freaked out.  I have my first Arts Festival on June 8th and I have pages and pages of things to do. Dyeing all the yarn is number ONE, the rest will follow.  Being self employed isn’t a 9-5 job, it’s actually quite longer.  There is the computer work and the organizational aspect and the list and the photography and the supplies and a bunch of other stuff I won’t bore you with.  Is it worth it, hell yeah!  Do I love it, hell yeah!

This is a small Arts festival and it is a good opportunity to stick my neck out there and have a go of it, but not in a Maryland and Sheep kinda way.  It’s 6 hours of meeting new crafty folks and showing them my yarns.  I know that my friends will be by to cheer my on and it couldn’t be more perfect because it is Knit In Public Day!!  I am excited and nervous at the same time.

Here are some of my latest creations.  I threw these together and I am in love with all of these colors and they are spoken for, but I made more!!!


Have a wonderful day and I will be back soon!

This works….

I have really, really been enjoying my new equipment!!  It makes my dyeing life so much easier!!  I am also enjoying this latest dye session and my boxes of wool arrived just in time as my supply was dangerously low and I was starting to SHAKE.

I have been thinking about my cousin today.  She had to have surgery to remove her thyroid because some cancer cells decided to land there.  I know in my heart that she will be fine.

Wrestling with my son about getting the school work done even though it stays light out longer and so forth and so on.  He is still in some sort of crazy growth spurt.  I just get the kitchen clean from one meal, he’s behind me asking for more food!  I don’t mean snacks, he wants another dinner!  I was thrilled at first, but it is getting wearisome and I am always at the grocery store.

On the needles is a happy knit!  I am knitting Windward by Heidi Kirrmaier and the pattern can be found here.  I am using one of my favorite colorways, Stormy in the Yankee Dyer Puritan base.  I wanted to pin it out to show you, but I just couldn’t do it today.  I am more than half done and am weighing the yarn.  You know the feeling that I am talking about…..the pure terror of it all….will I have enough yarn???  I might squeak by on this one.  If not, I will deal with it accordingly, it really won’t be the end of the world if I am a tad short.

On another note, my friends Paula and Sandy have been having a great time knitting with my yarn. Here are some pictures I took of Paula’s Guernsey Triangle and the pattern can be found here.  She used the much loved Yankee Tweed.



Look at that stitch definition! This is the Cayenne colorway.  Just looking at it makes me happy.

Have a great day!


My Mom…

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

This blog post is dedicated to my mom, who lives with my dad on Cape Cod, MA.  I am the oldest of three children and I am the only girl.  My mom is one of the best people I know and my best friend.  She has always and continues to put others before herself, no matter what.

I think that as you become a parent, your perspective of what they have sacrificed for you becomes clearer.  You have a deeper and more profound respect of what being a mom is.  It is the single most important and difficult job you will ever have.  It is also a job you have for your entire life.  It can be the most rewarding at times and it can bring you to your knees.  I wouldn’t have known all of this had I not become a mother.


I wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day!  See you on the flip side!!


Sheep and Wool….Day 1 and 2

The heavens blessed us with the most perfect weather for our Sheep and Wool festival.  So many people were proudly wearing hand knits and there were shawls galore, all so beautiful.  One of my favorite things that happens is the admiring of the knitting lovelies.  Everywhere you here, Oh, I love your shawl, your sweater, your socks?  It was truly a weekend of knitterly love!!!

We got there early, around 8:00 am and we casually browsed around and admired the sheep.


When it was close to 9:00 am, my friend Sue and I headed for Spirit Trail Fibers. They weren’t quite ready. So we waited. As they drew back their tarps to reveal all the fibery goodness, out comes Clara Parkes!!  I just about fell over.  Of course, I was star struck.  Out of my mouth I blurt, you are Clara Parkes, and she sweetly says yes, and we hug and I tell her that I am The Yankee Dyer (on Twitter) and she says, I KNOW YOU and we hug again….!  My friend Sue snaps a picture and I realize that I never told her my real name and now I feel like a complete idiot.  I told her I loved her books.  I think that I am still on the “Clara Cloud”.  And would you believe that there are people, aka knitters, that do not know who she is?  That is just wrong on so many levels!  It was the highlight to my day.  I mean seriously, best day eva!!!!  We did take a picture but I’m not going to post it because it’s not really all that flattering to either of us!

We had fun at Spirit Trail Fibers!  I have future plans for a few of their yarns and some Anne Hanson patterns.

The Mum

The Mum

Here baby was shy.

Her baby was shy.

Day 2 was attended with my hubby and son and friend Sue.  Another beautiful day and great things to see that we didn’t see on Saturday because it was so packed.  I totally preferred going on Sunday. We got to see the end of the Sheep to Shawl competition and the auction where one of the fabulous shawls went for over $800.  They were true works of art.  In case you are wondering what Sheep to Shawl is.  It begins at 8:00 am with the shearing of the sheep and then the wool is carded and spun and then they weave a shawl and it needs to be done by 12:00 noon!  You wouldn’t believe how beautiful they were.  Of course, I have no pictures.

I also got to meet Ms. Jill Draper of Jill Makes Stuff.  She is positively lovely and I enjoyed chatting with her and did introduce myself using both my names…duh!  Jill was recently featured in Martha Stewart Living magazine. My other regret is that I was so starstruck that I forgot to buy some of her yarn. Yeah, I was off my “A” game.  Here is a decent picture of me and Jill.

Jill Draper

Jill Draper

We had a wonderful time!  I bought some needles and a couple of patterns and funny buttons and 2 skeins of yarn and a 5 lb. bucket of Citric Acid that the Earth Guild was kind enough to bring with them to save me shipping! I thank you.

We ended Sunday with this. I believe that they are called Ribbon Chips, I just call them yummy!


Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!



I didn’t mean to be missing in action I promise. I even see some drafts of blog post started and yes, not finished.  It has just been that kind of week. There were appointments and schlepping the child here and there, dyeing and work, you know, life!

It is now Friday night and I will get this blog post done before I hit the sheets.  And I will be doing that early tonight because tomorrow is the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival and of course I am getting up at zero dark thirty and we are leaving at 6:00 am.  I have no list this year.  I figure if some cashmere ends up in my hands then it was ment to be.  I need a few dyeing things and maybe a couple of dyes, but, yeah, no real wish list.  Not to worry, when I get there and smell all that fibery goodness, things will start to happen, as they always do!  The weather is looking fabulous and I will be wearing my Warwick shawl.  I am actually super excited about wearing a knitting something and admiring everyone elses.

I took a break from all the mystery for my own mental well being and am knitting this pattern Windward.  It is just what the doctor ordered.  It has stuff going on but it is easy and relaxing.  More on this later…

I am off to bed as I need to rise and shine at 4:30 and that will be here before you know it.

Hope you have a great weekend and I promise LOTS of pictures from Sheep and Wool!

Happy Knitting,