Pictures and Progress…

As promised here are the pictures of the twin vertical swift.


And here is the triple skein winder.


It is very exciting to say the least. I have one “screw” left over and I think I will give the company a call.  I don’t think that they gave me any spare parts.  I am really looking forward to using both of these beauties!!

I am also very pleased with my knitting.  I was having a really tough go of it until I literally HAD to read charts, which made knitting so much easier.  If you remember, I was having some issues with some misplaced YO’s.  This is what I had done WRONG…

Not suppose to look like that!

Not suppose to look like that!

And here is the correct picture.


See, all straight and tidy.  Don’t mind that pink yarn, it was and will be my lifeline until I bind this beauty off.  I had pulled a lengthy knitting marathon trying to catch up but just kept making mistakes and tinking back and tinking back,  Then my hand gave the ultimate protest and I was forced to rest it for a couple of days.  It was a good thing.  It gave me time to clear my head and get my confidence back.  I put in a fair about of knitting today and was too tired to begin Clue #4.  I think I will tackle that after a couple of cups of coffee.

In case you are wondering about the pattern, it is A Mysterious Shawl KAL by the very talented Rosemary (Romi) Hill and all can be found on Ravelry.  If you are curious as to what the finished shawl looks like, as I am obviously behind, you can check out her group on Ravelry @Romi’s Studio.  She has a wonderful group and the most fabulous moderators.  If you decide to knit any of her patterns, you can always find help if you need it in her forum.  Her patterns are knitting perfection and I can’t recommend that you try one or all of them.

Hope your day is filled with happiness!



5 responses to “Pictures and Progress…

  1. lookin good!!!!
    can’t wait til the swift and skein winder get some action! want video 😉


  2. lovely tools 🙂 where did you source them from?


  3. Many thanks! is that the one in Reading, UK?
    Have fun with the knitting, the pattern and yarn look nice 🙂


  4. sorry, i found it… it’s the US one… just saw the items 🙂


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