Blew it….

I come bearing bad news…my beautiful mystery shawl KAL has a mistake about 4 inches down with affects the 4 inches up.  I couldn’t believe it.  As one wise knitter in the group said, just because you have the “right number of stitches, does not mean you have the RIGHT  stitches“.  There have been so many twisted stitches that tinking back 4 inches is just painful.  I need to put in a lifeline after Clue 2 and start again from there. So many lessons learned….

Not suppose to look like that!

Not suppose to look like that!

It’s sad really. I put in my emergency call to Sandy and we will get together tomorrow to put in a lifeline and I will resume the knitting process.

Clue #5 came out this morning and it is the lace edging knit on sideways. Just looking at that made me want to do a shot of something. Even a few of the knitters were like, WHAT…??  Rosemary (Romi) Hill is genius with her design elements and I love it all despite my obvious problem.

I have a busy weekend of soccer and BMX and of course, repeat knitting!

Happy Weekend to you all!



3 responses to “Blew it….

  1. Sandy is amazing! See you tomorrow.


  2. Hang in there – they say there is a solution for every problem!


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