Needle in a haystack…..

Greeting from a very warm, Maryland!  I know, did I just say that?? It is a flipping 87 here!! I have flip flops on with winter feet!! I had my down coat and cashmere scarf on a couple of days ago. This isn’t Spring, its Summer.  I prefer a more mellow approach to summer with some beautiful weather in the 60’s and slowly, climbing into the 70’s and so forth.  This is just crazy!!

As you know I have been knitting along with a group on Ravely @Romi’s Studio on the MKAL and it has been a blast until I got to Clue #3, Row 17 and it has been down hill since. I even stumped the group Mods, who were ever so helpful.  I was missing a stitch and I had markers everywhere and I knew in my gut that something was off, but couldn’t quite find it.  There were LOTS of yarn overs and they were all there and I suspect I may have done an extra k2tog.  So when I got to the beautiful edging of this shawl and I need to just knit a stitch, it wasn’t there.  I threw in a M1 just to get me off the row so I could examine it without a couple of stitches dangling off it.  I counted and counted and checked and counted and checked and nope, not evident.  Had a little Pow Wow with the group Mods and all their suggestions and ideas had already been checked and in the end, they were like, just go with the M1.  Except I couldn’t let it go.  I was kinda sick of looking at it, but I sat there last night and tinked the row back and then counted the stitches I started with, and that magic number is 325 and I had it.  So, I went to bed knowing that I did the right thing.

After putting my son on the bus, I was anxious to have at it.  I have since given up on the written directions and am using….wait for it…..the CHART!!!!  I know,  I have me some new skillz….!  I find it much less confusing than the written instructions. Yay me!!  I did the row again and everything was in its place and all was right in my knitting world again!!

On anther note, I am the proud owner of a triple electric skeiner and a twin vertical swift…that all need to be put together.  I see that as a weekend project.

I have ONE row left to knit and then I will post some pics. I have been bad in that department, but I will make up for it.

Off to supervise homework and then to play soccer mom!

Happy Day,



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