Clue #3, Row 17….

It was going so well, until I landed on you Row 17, and didn’t realize that I had a pesky missing yarn over until Row 20 and now I have 3 rows to tink back.  I am trying to decide if I throw in a lifeline in you and rip out those rows quickly, like a band-aid off my child or if I take it slow and tink you back a stitch at a time.  Don’t rush me, I’m thinking!

I love this shawl so much and it has been a blast to knit, however, I need to learn how to read charts for the love of all things holy. Because when you get to written instruction that start to resemble math equations with brackets and within those brackets are parenthesis with how many times you are to do this, you can get lost die in there and there is no way out.

My friend, Betsy, suggested that I practice charts using my Alice Starmore Aran knitting book.  That was how she learned and got comfortable with the charts.  And as I look at the written directions vs the chart, the chart does seem easier.  So, guess what I will be doing this weekend?  If you guessed, tinking the shawl back and practice knitting from charts, then you get a gold star.

I just updated the Etsy site with some new handpaints.

I got a shipping confirmation this morning and my equipment has shipped!!  Can you see me, I am jumping up and down!!!  Boing, boing, boing!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!  I will see you on the flip side of this shawl and have some new skills!





2 responses to “Clue #3, Row 17….

  1. New additions look delicious!


  2. Yay, charts! Finally! I knew you’d cave eventually!


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