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Oh Bugger….!

This is becoming one of those knitting projects you start to resent just a little bit.  I have been working on it for at least 6 weeks straight and I thought I was on the path to happiness.  Not so much…

I know I can do this, but it is getting the better of me at this point.  I am walking away for a bit and will start something that does not require so much of my attention.

A week from today is Maryland Sheep and Wool and the weather looks fantastic!  I will let that be my joy for a while.

Sorry, no pictures of the un-knitting or the un-lady like language that went with it.  Use your imagination….!

Hope the weather where you are is wonderful!



Pictures and Progress…

As promised here are the pictures of the twin vertical swift.


And here is the triple skein winder.


It is very exciting to say the least. I have one “screw” left over and I think I will give the company a call.  I don’t think that they gave me any spare parts.  I am really looking forward to using both of these beauties!!

I am also very pleased with my knitting.  I was having a really tough go of it until I literally HAD to read charts, which made knitting so much easier.  If you remember, I was having some issues with some misplaced YO’s.  This is what I had done WRONG…

Not suppose to look like that!

Not suppose to look like that!

And here is the correct picture.


See, all straight and tidy.  Don’t mind that pink yarn, it was and will be my lifeline until I bind this beauty off.  I had pulled a lengthy knitting marathon trying to catch up but just kept making mistakes and tinking back and tinking back,  Then my hand gave the ultimate protest and I was forced to rest it for a couple of days.  It was a good thing.  It gave me time to clear my head and get my confidence back.  I put in a fair about of knitting today and was too tired to begin Clue #4.  I think I will tackle that after a couple of cups of coffee.

In case you are wondering about the pattern, it is A Mysterious Shawl KAL by the very talented Rosemary (Romi) Hill and all can be found on Ravelry.  If you are curious as to what the finished shawl looks like, as I am obviously behind, you can check out her group on Ravelry @Romi’s Studio.  She has a wonderful group and the most fabulous moderators.  If you decide to knit any of her patterns, you can always find help if you need it in her forum.  Her patterns are knitting perfection and I can’t recommend that you try one or all of them.

Hope your day is filled with happiness!


Time Out….

Today brought a perfect spring day!  It is nice to see everyone out and about, tending to the yards and watching the flowering trees bloom and hosing off our cars from all the pollen.

I finished assembling my twin vertical swift today and it is so awesome!!  I can’t wait to get this thing rocking and rolling.  Next in the assembly line of equipment is the electric triple skein winder.  The two new loves of my life!!

My knitting mojo is off.  I have decided to put my Mystery KAL in a timeout.  I have been ripping back the same section for the past two weeks and I think we need a break from each other.  I could of course, work on some wip’s, but casting on something new is a whole other thrill.  I am going to spend some time with my pattern collection and see what jumps out at me.  I pulled some of my yarn out just to get the creative juices flowing.


What do you think?  What color?  What should I make?  Keep in mind, I can’t go lower than a US #5 needle.

Surprise me with your suggestions!

Happy Knitting,


What a week….

It’s hard to believe that it’s only Friday.  My husband and I commented that this has been such a long week.  Although you try to go about your business, Boston is forefront in our hearts and minds.

I had to disconnect myself several times for my own sanity.  I checked in via Twitter and Facebook.  I happened to be watching TV when the police decided that the residents of Watertown could leave their homes and not 15 minutes later, gunshots could be heard in the background and my heart sank and the tears started.

Thank heavens for the gentleman in Watertown who thought to check his backyard, you sir, are a hero!

I will sleep better for you Boston and I know that you will sleep even better.

Let the healing begin….



Rough week…..

Hello Friends,

I apologize for the lack of blog post, but I just haven’t had much to say.

The events that took place on Monday in Boston kind of took the wind out of my sails.  I had just sat down to catch a little TV before picking up my son from the bus and was just shocked at what I saw.  I couldn’t believe my eyes and began to sob.  I don’t understand how this could happen.  I prayed that it was an act of some deranged person and not a terrorist act because somehow that is a less bitter pill to swallow.  I can’t walk through Logan airport without thinking about the innocent people who boarded those planes and the evil that walked among them.

I really have nothing new to add….

Hope you are having a better day….




Blew it….

I come bearing bad news…my beautiful mystery shawl KAL has a mistake about 4 inches down with affects the 4 inches up.  I couldn’t believe it.  As one wise knitter in the group said, just because you have the “right number of stitches, does not mean you have the RIGHT  stitches“.  There have been so many twisted stitches that tinking back 4 inches is just painful.  I need to put in a lifeline after Clue 2 and start again from there. So many lessons learned….

Not suppose to look like that!

Not suppose to look like that!

It’s sad really. I put in my emergency call to Sandy and we will get together tomorrow to put in a lifeline and I will resume the knitting process.

Clue #5 came out this morning and it is the lace edging knit on sideways. Just looking at that made me want to do a shot of something. Even a few of the knitters were like, WHAT…??  Rosemary (Romi) Hill is genius with her design elements and I love it all despite my obvious problem.

I have a busy weekend of soccer and BMX and of course, repeat knitting!

Happy Weekend to you all!


Needle in a haystack…..

Greeting from a very warm, Maryland!  I know, did I just say that?? It is a flipping 87 here!! I have flip flops on with winter feet!! I had my down coat and cashmere scarf on a couple of days ago. This isn’t Spring, its Summer.  I prefer a more mellow approach to summer with some beautiful weather in the 60’s and slowly, climbing into the 70’s and so forth.  This is just crazy!!

As you know I have been knitting along with a group on Ravely @Romi’s Studio on the MKAL and it has been a blast until I got to Clue #3, Row 17 and it has been down hill since. I even stumped the group Mods, who were ever so helpful.  I was missing a stitch and I had markers everywhere and I knew in my gut that something was off, but couldn’t quite find it.  There were LOTS of yarn overs and they were all there and I suspect I may have done an extra k2tog.  So when I got to the beautiful edging of this shawl and I need to just knit a stitch, it wasn’t there.  I threw in a M1 just to get me off the row so I could examine it without a couple of stitches dangling off it.  I counted and counted and checked and counted and checked and nope, not evident.  Had a little Pow Wow with the group Mods and all their suggestions and ideas had already been checked and in the end, they were like, just go with the M1.  Except I couldn’t let it go.  I was kinda sick of looking at it, but I sat there last night and tinked the row back and then counted the stitches I started with, and that magic number is 325 and I had it.  So, I went to bed knowing that I did the right thing.

After putting my son on the bus, I was anxious to have at it.  I have since given up on the written directions and am using….wait for it…..the CHART!!!!  I know,  I have me some new skillz….!  I find it much less confusing than the written instructions. Yay me!!  I did the row again and everything was in its place and all was right in my knitting world again!!

On anther note, I am the proud owner of a triple electric skeiner and a twin vertical swift…that all need to be put together.  I see that as a weekend project.

I have ONE row left to knit and then I will post some pics. I have been bad in that department, but I will make up for it.

Off to supervise homework and then to play soccer mom!

Happy Day,


Clue #3, Row 17….

It was going so well, until I landed on you Row 17, and didn’t realize that I had a pesky missing yarn over until Row 20 and now I have 3 rows to tink back.  I am trying to decide if I throw in a lifeline in you and rip out those rows quickly, like a band-aid off my child or if I take it slow and tink you back a stitch at a time.  Don’t rush me, I’m thinking!

I love this shawl so much and it has been a blast to knit, however, I need to learn how to read charts for the love of all things holy. Because when you get to written instruction that start to resemble math equations with brackets and within those brackets are parenthesis with how many times you are to do this, you can get lost die in there and there is no way out.

My friend, Betsy, suggested that I practice charts using my Alice Starmore Aran knitting book.  That was how she learned and got comfortable with the charts.  And as I look at the written directions vs the chart, the chart does seem easier.  So, guess what I will be doing this weekend?  If you guessed, tinking the shawl back and practice knitting from charts, then you get a gold star.

I just updated the Etsy site with some new handpaints.

I got a shipping confirmation this morning and my equipment has shipped!!  Can you see me, I am jumping up and down!!!  Boing, boing, boing!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!  I will see you on the flip side of this shawl and have some new skills!





I have a post that I have been working on for about a week, but there have been interruptions and distractions and a computer glitch, so I will give you a quick run down.

My husband’s family suffered a loss on Good Friday and my Uncle was admitted to the hospital while visiting my cousin, his daughter, on the other side of Maryland on Easter Sunday and is still in the hospital.  And it’s Spring Break here and I have been busy running Bryce all over the place. I realized this morning that I hadn’t talked with my mom since Easter only to find out she went for a check up at Dana Farber yesterday. Just as well that I didn’t know that as I tend to hold my breath the whole day. Totally distracted….

I have been knitting and I promise that my next blog post will be about that.

Have a great day!