Customer Service Disconnect….

As we move into our 2nd year of being in the hand dye business, there were some things on my list of needs that needed immediate attention.

On Monday I spent a great deal of time researching and attempting to obtain information from a small business owner regarding their product.  First off, there wasn’t a telephone number, just an email.  I proceed to email them and get a snarky answer back.  I was quite taken aback by the attitude in the email.  This was not a small purchase by any means.  I give it another chance and email him again with a question and ask if we could speak.  The answer to the question was so nuts and NO we could not speak.  I am a small business trying to do business with another small business and the result, epic fail on his part.

While going back and forth with a fellow dyer on Ravelry, Laura, who was oh so helpful, she mentions that she got one of the things I needed from another company called Ball and Skein.  I immediately went to their website and shot them an email stating what I was interested in and if it is possible to have a phone conversation.  I promptly got an email back with the link to what I am looking for and a YES, they will call me in the morning.  That was yesterday, and they are located in the state I was born and raised, Rhode Island, small world.

I had a lovely conversation with Judy.  Not only is she a knitter, but a dyer as well, so she knew EXACTLY what I was looking for and explained everything to me in great detail.  I bought everything I needed from them!

What did I buy you are probably asking yourself.  I bought myself a 3 skein electric skeiner and a twin vertical swift….hello increased production!!!!  And instead of waiting 4-8 weeks with the other company, these are shipping on Monday and I will have them by Thursday!  I now have equipment….!

In the end it was the customer service that won me over!  And I got to support a local small business in my home state.  Feels like a win, win to me.

I hope your day is wonderful and the sun is shining where you are!






2 responses to “Customer Service Disconnect….

  1. Yahoo! Year 2 is off to a great start – congratulations!


  2. I hate bad customer service. That company that shall not be named?…. They are DEAD to us. Dead.


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