Do I get a re-do??

I had a feeling when I woke up today, can’t quite describe it, but I should have stuck with my original plan of doing some spring cleaning (Mom, stop laughing)!  She is the Queen of Cleaning and I would never think or try to dethrone her.

I had some dyeing to do and I wasn’t really in the mood a lot of it but thought I should do more that what I needed to get out. Well, that was a mistake. The 2 skeins for the customer are fine and beautiful.  The 7 skeins of my 80/10/10 decided today might be a good day to felt!!  Yep, when intentional this is a fabulous little happy thing, when  unintended, a nightmare.  I just couldn’t believe that this had happened.  I sat down and had a good cry, then I phoned a friend and then I ate some potato chips and took a shower. I’d take a picture of the carnage, but it is too much for my heart right now.  Lesson learned, I will listen to my gut the next time.

Tonight is Knit Night and I am looking forward to seeing everyone.  I am bringing my Mystery KAL to show everyone and my Vitamin D, because it needs some love.

Tomorrow Clue #2 is coming out.  I will be up early printing that off and then it’s knitting time.

I am baking a banana bread and the house smells yummy and comforting.

Thanks for listening!

Have a great day,



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