New fun….

As you all know, I am doing the Mystery KAL with the @Romi Hill Studio on Ravelry and I am in so in love with Clue #1.  It has been a total blast to see what is going to happen with every row you knit. I am not quite done with Clue #1 yet, but this is what it looks like so far.  Of course, these are my colors…..


I love my yarn choice, Skinny Bugga in the Dragon Tattoo colorway.  I have done so many different types of increases that it feels like I’ve had a refresher course and I just about giggle with every new row. This is nearing the end of Chart D, and then on to Nupps….! I have not done Nupps, so this will be a new experience and I am totally looking forward to it. I am using my Signature US #5 needles with the stiletto points, these will make those nupps easier.  As I always say, stiletto’s in the hands and not on the feet! I am all about comfort.

I so wanted to get back to this after getting my son off the bus, but he reminded me of Spirit night at school so it was homework and off we went. The roast I was going to fix went right back into the fridge for tomorrow.

We were holding our breaths about a possible Vet visit with the pup (she is going to be 3, but she still thinks she is a pup), but our groomer gave me some ideas to try, and they worked and frankly, our checking account thanks you Sharon!!

I am off to knit for a bit…..

Happy First Day of Spring…

(If you still have snow, I am sorry)




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