I have Nupps……

I have to admit that if I reviewed a pattern and saw the word “nupps”, I would avoid it like the plague. Mainly because I had heard other people moan and groan about these mysterious little yarn adventures.

So, having now completed the elusive Nupp, I am ashamed that I have avoided these sweet yarn accents. I had a blast doing them and I think they look great.


Now remember, I kinda stink at taking photo’s, but you can see them. I also completed Clue #1…YAY!!  I can’t tell you how much I loved doing this.


So now that I am caught up on the knitting project, I will again give my undivided attention to the Vitamin D cardigan while waiting for Clue #2.

I also should be dyeing and I think that will take place tomorrow.

Enjoy the pictures and I will see you back soon!

Happy Knitting,



2 responses to “I have Nupps……

  1. yippie for you!!!! so excited to see your progress! 😉


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