Re-discovering the stash…

I have been enjoying myself immensely going through my stash looking for the perfect yarns for the Mystery KAL with Romi Hill. You need a Main Color and a contrast color. Romi says that the MC should be lighter than your contrast color. Not a problem, and if there is, I can always dye something just for me.

I was thinking earthy tones, but as much as I like them, I want something with some POP! I have this lovely skein of green and it was my very first purchase at MDSW two years ago.  I would use this as my CC and I have to dig through my downstairs stash. You remember, I have yarn stashed throughout the house.  Some on the first floor, some in the guest room and some in my bedroom.  Having it spread out is kind of fun especially when you are on the hunt for something to go together.  What I really needed was to gather “my stash” and start making piles.  It was really so much fun. I even tagged some yarn with project ideas and got organized at the same time…win, win!

I had this lovely Caper sock yarn from String Theory that has been calling me since our retreat to Williamsburg last month and I had a skein of Skinny Bugga that was perfect companion. Shazam, a perfect pairing for the contrast.  I love, love, love my color choices.


So, I started on Clue #1 yesterday and it is shaping up nicely.  I like this whole “mystery” thing. It’s fun not to know what’s going to happen next.

I will show you Clue #1 as soon as I am finished with it.  Hang in, I am half done with it!


2 responses to “Re-discovering the stash…

  1. Love the color combo! And you will love the String Theory more than is reasonable! Enjoy the process


  2. oooohhhhhh…. that’s gonna be NICE!


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