Change is good….

February was a month of reflection, change and healing. I had been dealing with a right hand issue and finally got to see the specialist. He was recovering from the flu and I was coming down with that viral thingy I had, but I was not going to miss this appointment for anything. I don’t have carpal tunnel syndrome, yay, but I do have DeQuervain’s Syndrome.  Sounds kinda funky and I guess I will have to stop hitchhiking now….kidding.  It is basically an “over use injury”of my thumb. Unfortunately I wasn’t eligible for any steroid shots due to a pre-existing condition and the doctor said that there was a surgery, but he wasn’t a fan. So basically, I have a brace that I sleep in and exercises to do.

I have to laugh because he really enjoys meeting us knitters. He says, that despite being mothers and wives, if he asks us to tell him what is going on, we all start the dialog with, I AM A KNITTER!! We had a chuckle about that. Then I told him I was also a handdyer and he knew about that too.  I immediately loved this man who understood “the knitter” in me. I will see him again next month…

Anyway, as you can see, I have been able to knit, but only on US #5-8 size needles for now. That is okay, I can work with that.

Yankee Dyer business was calling me and I knew that my business deserved a full-time employee and decided to end my employment at my LYS.  It was a great time and I learned so much and made so many wonderful and lasting friendships. It was time for me to spread my wings and fly.  I am really happy about my decision and proud of what I have accomplished so far.  I see lots of opportunity before me and you all get a front seat view.

I hope your day is full of happiness!



4 responses to “Change is good….

  1. whoot whoot!!!! so excited for you! healing hand and growing the buisiness, its gonna be great!


  2. Great news! Wishing you all the luck in the world…


  3. Can’t wait to see your next round of dye jobs!


  4. Hooray, self employed, always your dream right!
    My Kyle will rent you a spot in a beautiful shop.
    So happy for you! Heal first, that’s your JOB you know!
    Love, Auntie


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