What comes first…..?

I have been thinking about this lately while being mostly horizontal. What gets you excited first, the yarn or the pattern or both?

Well, if you are like me and always on Ravelry then I would have to say the patterns and I usually have a yarn in mind, doesn’t mean I won’t change my mind, but I usually have a clue.  And frankly isn’t that what your Queue on Ravelry is for anyway? I have many projects in there from socks to sweaters in different yarn weights and I can access any of this information via my phone. Most yarn shops have an area where you can access Ravelry just in case.

So, for me it’s the patterns! Not to say that I can’t be swayed or distracted by a beautiful yarn or my yarnie friends (they are the most enabling people I have ever met).

It is always amazing to show a pattern to friends and watch the enthusiasm that you feel catch on. This has happened many times with the friends I knit with…it can rival a virus like nobodies business. Knitting fever is really the correct term for this epidemic.

So when all is said and done, for me it is the pattern that gets my blood pumping!

In knitting new, I am a mere 12 rows from completing a shawl and I really, really fear that I do NOT HAVE ENOUGH YARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the most horrible of feelings. I have been knitting a row and weighing the skein and making faces. So many faces that hubby wanted to know if I was developing a facial tic. For which he received an appropriate hand gesture. He has no idea what I am going through. The thought of ripping out all this lace makes me a little sick and I am looking through the stash to see if I have anything that is close even darker would do. Pray a little prayer to the yarn gods for me….

My mom is in town and we are having a lovely visit and Bryce is enjoying his Nana!

I am off to get Bryce at the bus stop. I hope you all have a wonderful day! Stay happy and please practice safe knitting!   😉



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