Patterns, how do you like them?

We have so many ways of storing our knitting patterns these days and so many options for obtaining them. I got to thinking, how do you store your patterns?

I have to admit that I have an iPad with Good Reader but have yet to master that. Whenever I start to fool with it, I get frustrated and think to myself, I could be knitting!

It just so happens that I placed an order recently @JimmyBeansWool and I ordered a pattern. When my package arrived that pattern was on nice heavy paper with a pretty glossy picture on the front and a separate sheet with the chart and I thought, I really like this. My mode of operation is mainly to download the pattern from Ravelry and print it off and put it immediately into a protective sleeve. I need the pattern to be in color too. I keep them all stored in a special folder on my computer just for patterns. I have to admit that I just did this the other day in compliance with my New Year’s resolution to be better organized.

I keep all those patterns in binders and now I need to organize them by project type. I went to the office supply store and there is something very addicting about Staples, I always leave with more than I intended to buy. I have nice dividers now and that seems like a good project for tomorrow.

So, I would love to hear from you all on you pattern storing preference. That means let the comments begin!

By the way, I love it when you guys leave comments, so don’t be shy!!

Happy Wendesday,



4 responses to “Patterns, how do you like them?

  1. I love patterns already printed…


  2. I just reorganized everything. I put yarn and patterns (in sleeves) together in jumbo ziplock bags. Some yarn is still loose as I don’t have specific projects in mind, but now everything else is sorted, identified and planned for. Feels cathartic!


    • I also put pattern and yarn together in bags. I need to go an get jumbo ziplock (thank you for that idea Sandy).

      Patterns are in note books and on cp. The little free pattern I pick up in stores are in sleeves then small note books (from Staples) ones I print are in folders.


  3. Like you, many of my patterns are in plastic sleeves in a binder, and organized into project type. I also have many, many old pattern books that belonged to my mother and my husband’s mother. Love to sit and look at patterns, pin them to my pinterest page, and print some out. I think I prefer looking through knitting books and quilting books to reading a novel!


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