Please pass the Puffs Plus….

Fancy that, I caught Bryce’s cold. I can’t imagine how that happened?? Kids and their germs! Coughing and sneezing all over me last week, so this is not a real surprise.

I have been happily knitting away on this really cute shawl called Warwick and it is a really quick knit. I am using one of my own yarns, Yankee Stride.  My hand seems to tolerate the knit/purl combination much better than the linen stitch. This is such a good thing. I do get to see the hand specialist tomorrow….YAY!

Change is in the wind here and it is a really good thing. More on that later.

We were quite concerned for all of our family and friends in the New England area due to Nemo. I still can’t get use to them naming winter storms.

I have homemade soup on the stove for me and a chicken roasting in the oven for the boys. I have done about all that I can muster for the day. Early dinner and maybe some TV in bed tonight. I live such a wild life!

Happy Knitting!



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