It has been a crazy week. Bryce has a terrible cold and fortunately he had Wednesday off and I kept him home yesterday for good measure. Figured I would take him to MD today for the nasty cough. He wakes me at 7:45 (no, I didn’t set my alarm because I really thought we were going to the doctors) and tells me he wants to go to school. Let me preface this by saying that my child LOVES school and hates to miss it! So, I feel his head, still no fever, so we bust a move to get him to school. As we drive in, I let him know that it’s Ok to call me if you start to feel bad. I never heard from him….

I finally sit down to have my coffee and put on the TV. I know that all my family members in NE are bracing for a beauty of a storm so I flip on The Weather Channel and find that they have named this storm NEMO…what??? And there is another named storm ORKO. I understand the hurricanes, but winter storms, really?  Obviously someone has too much time on their hands or gets paid way too much money. I do love the crew, they are scattered about like mice looking for the cheese. They are so pumped about the whole thing. This is the stuff that gets their blood pumping. Cracks me up every time. Some of them really need to cut down on their caffeine intake.

I must admit that watching the flakes fly in Boston made me miss living in Massachusetts. The snow looks so beautiful and peaceful, very Norman Rockwell until you realize you have to shovel yourself out of 2 feet of snow. I don’t miss that so much.

I have checked on all my family members and everyone is safe and sound for now. I pray that they don’t loose electricity because that means no heat and that really does stink. You all are in our thoughts and prayers. Bryce wants you to put a snowball in the freezer for him please Nana! He says he will get it in June..LOL!

On another note, my hand had its good and bad days. I am doing some secret knitting when I feel good. Hoping that I get to see the specialist on Tuesday. Fingers and toes crossed.

East Coasters stay safe and warm. I am with you in spirit!

Happy Knitting,



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