Big sigh….

Today was to have been the appointment with the Hand Specialist, who I hear is an excellent doctor and quite good looking. I was so looking forward to this appointment I can’t even begin to tell you. I received a call yesterday that they needed to reschedule and I was literally choking back the sobs and I suspect the person on the other end of the telephone might have heard the sadness in my voice and put me on hold. She most likely went to talk to someone about the crazy lady crying on the phone. She offered my another appointment a week from today and I said a sweet thank you. Fingers crossed people, I need this guy and if he can fix my hand/arm issue then I just might kiss him full on the mouth! I kid you not.

I think that the constant pain has started to get me down in conjunction with the lack of sunshine. I am trying to stay positive.

What am I doing with myself since I can’t knit or anything. Cruising Ravelry, enjoying Twitter and organizing my knitting bags and projects. I’ve also been doing some planning for The Yankee Dyer and buying new dyes and now I am on Zappos contemplating some Dansko clogs. Is it wrong that I want the ones with the Yarn design on them? I think it is totally appropriate and my feet are small enough that I can wear the a kids size 3….decisions.

I do have a Yankee Dyer finished object to share. These beautiful socks are in our Yankee Stride base (80/10/10) and the pattern is Monkey by Cookie A. I just love them.

Yankee Stride

Monkey by Cookie A. in Yankee Stride

Kyle’s getting a pair in Ken’s Socks. The same colorway that The Yarn Harlot used for her friends Ken. Pictures of that pair coming soon.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Stay happy,



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