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What comes first…..?

I have been thinking about this lately while being mostly horizontal. What gets you excited first, the yarn or the pattern or both?

Well, if you are like me and always on Ravelry then I would have to say the patterns and I usually have a yarn in mind, doesn’t mean I won’t change my mind, but I usually have a clue.  And frankly isn’t that what your Queue on Ravelry is for anyway? I have many projects in there from socks to sweaters in different yarn weights and I can access any of this information via my phone. Most yarn shops have an area where you can access Ravelry just in case.

So, for me it’s the patterns! Not to say that I can’t be swayed or distracted by a beautiful yarn or my yarnie friends (they are the most enabling people I have ever met).

It is always amazing to show a pattern to friends and watch the enthusiasm that you feel catch on. This has happened many times with the friends I knit with…it can rival a virus like nobodies business. Knitting fever is really the correct term for this epidemic.

So when all is said and done, for me it is the pattern that gets my blood pumping!

In knitting new, I am a mere 12 rows from completing a shawl and I really, really fear that I do NOT HAVE ENOUGH YARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the most horrible of feelings. I have been knitting a row and weighing the skein and making faces. So many faces that hubby wanted to know if I was developing a facial tic. For which he received an appropriate hand gesture. He has no idea what I am going through. The thought of ripping out all this lace makes me a little sick and I am looking through the stash to see if I have anything that is close even darker would do. Pray a little prayer to the yarn gods for me….

My mom is in town and we are having a lovely visit and Bryce is enjoying his Nana!

I am off to get Bryce at the bus stop. I hope you all have a wonderful day! Stay happy and please practice safe knitting!   😉



I smell a sale…

We are having a sale in our Etsy shop this weekend!!

You have to email me at for the special code! I think that you will be happy when you get to your cart!

Happy Knitting,


Somewhat vertical……

Whew, what a crazy, sick week! It was a viral thingy that totally kicked my butt and that of my son. I was able to knit a bit however and lace at that and I haven’t used ANY stitch markers!! Whoot, whoot!!

When Anne Hanson was here, she said that sometimes stitch markers tend to get in the way and to try to get used to reading your knitting and not rely on the markers and so far with this lace shawl, all is well and there isn’t a stitch marker in sight. And I have been sick. I have even impressed myself. The shawl is really pretty and I picked on of my yarns and even the colorway is somewhat close to the one in the picture. I need to branch out a bit.

Look for an Etsy shop update later this week!

This week I am looking forward to things getting back to normal before my mom gets here on Saturday!

I will be back with some photo’s later this week as well!

Happy Knitting,


Patterns, how do you like them?

We have so many ways of storing our knitting patterns these days and so many options for obtaining them. I got to thinking, how do you store your patterns?

I have to admit that I have an iPad with Good Reader but have yet to master that. Whenever I start to fool with it, I get frustrated and think to myself, I could be knitting!

It just so happens that I placed an order recently @JimmyBeansWool and I ordered a pattern. When my package arrived that pattern was on nice heavy paper with a pretty glossy picture on the front and a separate sheet with the chart and I thought, I really like this. My mode of operation is mainly to download the pattern from Ravelry and print it off and put it immediately into a protective sleeve. I need the pattern to be in color too. I keep them all stored in a special folder on my computer just for patterns. I have to admit that I just did this the other day in compliance with my New Year’s resolution to be better organized.

I keep all those patterns in binders and now I need to organize them by project type. I went to the office supply store and there is something very addicting about Staples, I always leave with more than I intended to buy. I have nice dividers now and that seems like a good project for tomorrow.

So, I would love to hear from you all on you pattern storing preference. That means let the comments begin!

By the way, I love it when you guys leave comments, so don’t be shy!!

Happy Wendesday,


Please pass the Puffs Plus….

Fancy that, I caught Bryce’s cold. I can’t imagine how that happened?? Kids and their germs! Coughing and sneezing all over me last week, so this is not a real surprise.

I have been happily knitting away on this really cute shawl called Warwick and it is a really quick knit. I am using one of my own yarns, Yankee Stride.  My hand seems to tolerate the knit/purl combination much better than the linen stitch. This is such a good thing. I do get to see the hand specialist tomorrow….YAY!

Change is in the wind here and it is a really good thing. More on that later.

We were quite concerned for all of our family and friends in the New England area due to Nemo. I still can’t get use to them naming winter storms.

I have homemade soup on the stove for me and a chicken roasting in the oven for the boys. I have done about all that I can muster for the day. Early dinner and maybe some TV in bed tonight. I live such a wild life!

Happy Knitting!



It has been a crazy week. Bryce has a terrible cold and fortunately he had Wednesday off and I kept him home yesterday for good measure. Figured I would take him to MD today for the nasty cough. He wakes me at 7:45 (no, I didn’t set my alarm because I really thought we were going to the doctors) and tells me he wants to go to school. Let me preface this by saying that my child LOVES school and hates to miss it! So, I feel his head, still no fever, so we bust a move to get him to school. As we drive in, I let him know that it’s Ok to call me if you start to feel bad. I never heard from him….

I finally sit down to have my coffee and put on the TV. I know that all my family members in NE are bracing for a beauty of a storm so I flip on The Weather Channel and find that they have named this storm NEMO…what??? And there is another named storm ORKO. I understand the hurricanes, but winter storms, really?  Obviously someone has too much time on their hands or gets paid way too much money. I do love the crew, they are scattered about like mice looking for the cheese. They are so pumped about the whole thing. This is the stuff that gets their blood pumping. Cracks me up every time. Some of them really need to cut down on their caffeine intake.

I must admit that watching the flakes fly in Boston made me miss living in Massachusetts. The snow looks so beautiful and peaceful, very Norman Rockwell until you realize you have to shovel yourself out of 2 feet of snow. I don’t miss that so much.

I have checked on all my family members and everyone is safe and sound for now. I pray that they don’t loose electricity because that means no heat and that really does stink. You all are in our thoughts and prayers. Bryce wants you to put a snowball in the freezer for him please Nana! He says he will get it in June..LOL!

On another note, my hand had its good and bad days. I am doing some secret knitting when I feel good. Hoping that I get to see the specialist on Tuesday. Fingers and toes crossed.

East Coasters stay safe and warm. I am with you in spirit!

Happy Knitting,


Big sigh….

Today was to have been the appointment with the Hand Specialist, who I hear is an excellent doctor and quite good looking. I was so looking forward to this appointment I can’t even begin to tell you. I received a call yesterday that they needed to reschedule and I was literally choking back the sobs and I suspect the person on the other end of the telephone might have heard the sadness in my voice and put me on hold. She most likely went to talk to someone about the crazy lady crying on the phone. She offered my another appointment a week from today and I said a sweet thank you. Fingers crossed people, I need this guy and if he can fix my hand/arm issue then I just might kiss him full on the mouth! I kid you not.

I think that the constant pain has started to get me down in conjunction with the lack of sunshine. I am trying to stay positive.

What am I doing with myself since I can’t knit or anything. Cruising Ravelry, enjoying Twitter and organizing my knitting bags and projects. I’ve also been doing some planning for The Yankee Dyer and buying new dyes and now I am on Zappos contemplating some Dansko clogs. Is it wrong that I want the ones with the Yarn design on them? I think it is totally appropriate and my feet are small enough that I can wear the a kids size 3….decisions.

I do have a Yankee Dyer finished object to share. These beautiful socks are in our Yankee Stride base (80/10/10) and the pattern is Monkey by Cookie A. I just love them.

Yankee Stride

Monkey by Cookie A. in Yankee Stride

Kyle’s getting a pair in Ken’s Socks. The same colorway that The Yarn Harlot used for her friends Ken. Pictures of that pair coming soon.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Stay happy,


My dream sweater…

This sweater has been on my mind for about 2 years and I am starting to get the ich to do it. There are factors that I need to consider. Factor 1, it has to be in one of my yarns and hand dyed. Factor 2, I have to decide if I want to use 100% wool or a Donegal Tweed. I will need to phone a friend…LOL, you know who you are.  🙂

My dream sweater is the Na Craga by Alice Starmore from her fabulous book Aran Knitting. The St. Brigid comes in a close second. This would be a HUGE undertaking, but I think that I am up for the challenge. I figure, why not!

I have to admit that I am in a knitting funk. Nothing that I have on the needles is making me happy. It might have to do with the fact that my hand/wrist is aching and knitting is just painful. Thankfully, I see the specialist on Tuesday.

I have been spending way too much time on Twitter and Ravelry torturing myself and drooling over so many fabulous patterns and then getting bummed out and sitting on the couch and watching TV….bad TV at that. I even forgot to blog. I didn’t think you wanted to hear my knitting woes….

The big sweater project is on hold for a bit. I would love to get some of these knitted items off the needles but the desire is less than zero. I will try to pull myself up by the boot straps.

Happy Friday…