Thinking Spring…

The dyepots were speaking to me this week and I had a good time.

Spring Bunch

Let me introduce from upper left, Sherbert, Daffodil, Wasabi and Plum Crazy. These are just a few of our new colors. They are available in at the moment in the Puritan and Yankee Lite.

Yankee Lite is a single construction yarn 100% Merino and it is 400 yards. Great for shawls, scarves and sweaters. It lacks the nylon for long wearing socks. Yankee Puritan is a fabulous sock yarn, 75% Merino 25% Nylon and a generous 463 yards which is perfect for socks and shawls. This is the same yarn base that the Yarn Harlot used to make Ken’s Socks for Christmas.

Our Etsy shop, TheYankeeDyer will be updated later today!

Have a great day!



One response to “Thinking Spring…

  1. OOOHHH M – simply gorgeous!


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