Not so fast….

Greetings to all! This blog post is not about knitting, it is about something that happened to us this past weekend….

We had a bit of a shock here on Friday. My hubby asked me to log into our bank account and see if a returned item had been credited to our account. I was going to brush it off and say, “don’t worry about it”, but decided to avoid the argument and went ahead and logged in. Let me just say how thankful I am about the nagging husband (I will never type this again), because I knew how much was in there and when the page opened and it showed HALF of what should have been in there, I could feel my stomach flip, literally! I proceeded to check out the transactions and yelled for my hubby. The look on my face said it all, we’ve been hacked! He walked over to me and  took over at the computer with the telephone in hand. The bank froze our account and although I know we are covered, it is just the worst feeling. My husband was furious and began the tedious process of calling the places where large orders were placed and stopping the shipments. It took about an hour, but there was satisfaction on our end. You may have tried to steal from us, but you also won’t be getting what you think you “might” be getting. We were successful and nothing shipped!

So, should you ever find yourself in this situation and I hope you never do, take the extra time and make sure that these low life individuals do not get away with receiving stolen goods.

Have a happy day,




5 responses to “Not so fast….

  1. Michelle – so happy things worked out. How did they get your acct. info? This is such a scarry thing!


  2. So sorry you had to deal with this, M. Proud that you and Kyle got right on it and foiled the bad guys!


  3. Hi Michelle,
    I just had my Visa card hacked 😦 Thank goodness Chase bank stopped the two attempts and issued me a new card. I think it happens more often than we think it does. Mine was done online. They first tried to chg. $.73 and then $209. at Office Depot.


  4. Glad that you were able to catch those thieves!!


  5. DH has had credit card stolen TWO times! we now get text and email every time a transaction goes through


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