Still waiting….

The threat of snow makes the state of Maryland freak out, plain and simple. I have never seen anything quite like it. I knew in my heart today that it would not be a full day of school and I was right. The emails came out around 10:00 am that the schools would have a 2 hour early dismissal.

The storm has been down graded and we might squeak out a couple of inches and it has been pouring here all day! The dog is starting to give me attitude when she needs to go out, it has been 7 days of rain!! We are in dire need of some sunshine.

I am explaining to my son why it isn’t snowing as he is running around trying to find snow gear and blow up a snow thing he got for Christmas. I think he might have more luck building an ark at this point. Even if it does snow, the ground is too warm for really any accumulation.

I do miss a beautiful snowfall however. I would love for it to look like this!


But the odds are against it! For those who have it, enjoy!

Happy Knitting,




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