A shower and some tea….

I’ll admit it, I have been struck by something viral. I hope I nipped it in the bud quickly, but you just never know. Yesterday I couldn’t get my head off a pillow without the worst head/ear/eye/face pain you have ever felt. Hubby wanted to know “what I had exactly”…. if I had only had the strength! I didn’t complain, I just stayed in bed because that seemed to be the place I most needed to be.

My son was very sweet and offered my a walkie-talkie, ginger ale and some graham crackers. He is much improved in the empathy department. The walkie-talkie noise I thought might bring me to my knees, but I dare not complain. It was sweet and thoughtful even if he did wake me up about five times.

Today I got up and noticed that my brains did not feel like they were going to implode and I was able to get the mornings task done….get the boy breakfast and then on the bus. I tried to stay up, but it was not to be. I told the dog to meet me in bed and that is where we napped, without noise of any kind, for The best part was the tea and honey, which is what I drink when feeling this way.

I have been knitting when I can, which isn’t much. I am working on the Koigu Linen stitch scarf and I love it. It is mindless and a great project for all your left over sock yarn! Here is mine…


Not real impressive, but a fun public knitting project.

I am off for another hot cup of tea with honey!

Happy Day!!



One response to “A shower and some tea….

  1. I am glad you are feeling better! And I am thrilled you can knit again without pain!


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