Resolutions, not so much…

I have a confession to make, all my resolutions for the New Year have been an epic fail! There had been no walks and my organization skills have yet to kick in.

I have so many projects going that frankly my knitting area looks like a bomb went off near it. Trying to get project for work done and knitting things with my yarn, well, I am on over load. I can happily report that my hand feels almost 100%. Boy was that scary. So to say that I am behind would be a massive understatement. I did hire a test knitter, who came highly recommended. She may be the answer to my prayers.

I am also trying to stay involved with my family and I might be failing there too. I am one person and I am doing the best that I can.

To my defense, I have been a bit under the weather. Not sure if it’s just a cold or a sinus infection, but I am prepared for both.

I sat around today and knit on the Linen Stitch scarf and found that very relaxing. Love to see the colors change and watch the whole thing change. Totally a fun knit and great stash buster! Win, win.

I am off to bed. Have a wonderful day!




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