Introducing Ken’s Socks….

Oh happy day!

I emailed Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (The Yarn Harlot) on Monday evening thanking her for using my yarn and for blogging about it and how much it ment to me! I also wanted to ask her if it would be OK to name that colorway “Ken’s Socks”, as I had people wanting THAT colorway and I couldn’t really think of anything else to call it. I totally thought that I needed her blessing on that. If you missed her blog post with the pictures of the socks, you can check it out here.

I awoke on Tuesday to an email from Steph!! She loved the idea and thought that her friend Ken would be tickled. So, of course I printed out the email to keep next to the blog post in my “Stephanie” poly coated binder for safe keeping, but not in a stalkerish  kind of way!  😉  Yeah, I was pretty happy yesterday and pretty happy today!!

So here is the unveiling of the colorway, Ken’s Socks…

Ken's Socks

Ken’s Socks

Such a lovely marriage of blues, greens and a hint of brown. Now remember I stink at photography and although this looks beautiful, in real life it is even more handsome. Here is a close up…


Our Etsy shop, TheYankeeDyer will be updated Friday night and with the blessing of Stephanie, Ken’s Socks will be offered.

Update on the sore hand front! There is no nerve damage, so they are sending me to a hand specialist for tendonitis. I felt so relieved to hear that news!

Happy Knitting…!




2 responses to “Introducing Ken’s Socks….

  1. Lovely news about your hand, the socks, YH, etc.! What a way to begin the new year! Congratulations!


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