Limping along….

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday was a strange day. I had a staff meeting in the morning, and it is always lovely to almost have all of us in one place. Talk of things fibery and plan project/events for the beginning of this New Year.

I was supposed to go grocery shopping, but I kinda blew that off and decided it would be a breakfast for dinner kind of day. The boys had been bugging me for blueberry pancakes, so that is what they got.

I had some dyeing to do and I got that accomplished to a certain degree. I will finish up today. Oh and the grocery shopping too.

I am not really one for resolutions, but I am going to have to start a couple. The first is being more organized with my business. I tend to write dyeing recipes on random papers and then I don’t label them properly. I mean really, gorgeous or fabulous doesn’t quite cut it….it’s the details.

The other is to walk at least ONCE a day. The weather is looking to be mid and there is no reason not to lace up the shoes and head out.

I have no new pictures to show you at the moment. I am limping along with my knitting. I spoke with my MD on Friday and she will have the results of my test. I already requested a specific hand specialist. Fingers crossed for me please. Not knitting is making me a bit edgy. Also, my husband rearranged my kitchen and that alone makes me go crazy.

I could use some good thoughts and positive energy directed to my hand.

I am off to fill the fridge and then straighten out our bedroom before the painter comes on Wednesday.

Have a wonderful day,



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