Been busy…

I can’t believe that it is Saturday already! Those Tuesday holidays messed me up but good.

Wednesday and Thursday I spent at the neurologist office getting poked and electrocuted. I disliked the MD immediately as he was not listening to me and made me strip down to my underwear. I reiterated that I was here for my hand, but it was evident that I was dealing with less than intelligent human beings. I left the visit on Wednesday quite ticked off to say the least and I had to go back on Thursday for the electrocution portion of the event where I proceeded in giving him an ACCURATE history of ME and not the wacky history he was using. Anyway, last evening at knit night, I was discussing this with my  friends and they all agreed that he was a kook and I really needed a hand specialists. I proceeded to call my regular MD to give her the scoop on the situation to which she replies, “why did you go to him”. I swear on the life of my child I could have choked her through my phone. I replied calmly, you sent me there, remember?? It was your referral…I have so little faith in most of the medical profession and think that they should throw the letters MD after my name because frankly, I would do a better job! I also told her that I went to pick up the prescription for Motron and was given BREAST CREAM….Folks I  just can’t make up stuff like this. I told the pharmacist I would not need that and left….really, there are just no words. So, I proceed to explain that the test was done, I didn’t want to see this poor excuse of a doctor again and gave her the name of a hand specialist that came highly recommeded…end of story. We shall see….! I’ll keep you posted.

On an entirely different note, I, or rather the Yankee Dyer is now on Pinterest! Please give me a few days to figure out that whole concept. I thought I was only on for a few minutes and then noticed that an hour had gone by. This could be as addictive as Ravelry!!

My knitting has been limping along to say the least. I had to rip out my sweater because I was missing a stitch and was only 14 rows in. Ripping out seemed an easier option than trying to figure out where I forgot an increase.

I started another shawl and it’s a little funky but I think I am going to love it. It is by Stephen West and is called Chadwick. I am doing it in Malabrigo sock in a fuchsia color and a Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball in blues and fuchsia. I think the colors will complement each other nicely.

Here is the Crazy Zauberball…


We are have a family filed trip to IKEA and I am super excited. Love me some IKEA!!

Have a great day and please knit responsibly!  😉



One response to “Been busy…

  1. Happy New Year!! I AM addicted to pinterest…take a look at my boards!!


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