Who knew…

I awoke today much later than usual. I am totally taking advantage of the no school and hubby is home portion of the holidays. Sleeping to 10:00 was so wonderful and I always think that it is wonderful until my whole day gets a bit topsy-turvy.

The boys headed out to do errands in one direction and I in another. I was already in my car and of course, realised that I had forgotten my list, and had to run back in. I left the door to the car open and car running. I heard the telephone ringing and I answered it. It was my friend Lynne and she sounded so excited. She asked me, “have you seen the posting”, I said no, “what are you talking about”. She says again, “have you seen the Yarn Harlot’s post for today?”. I answer again, “no, haven’t been on the computer yet”. She proceeds to tell me what has happened and I immediately burst into sobs, great big happy, sobs. I take off my glasses and proceed to the nearest computer and fire it up and keep sobbing. I finally get on the internet and I start typing and there it is. Her fantastic blog post with all the fabulous knitted gifts she had made for the people who matter most in her life. Up front is a beautiful pair of socks she has knit for her dear friend Ken in The Yankee Dyer yarn Puritan in one of my favorite colorway. I am completely blown away. First, the socks are gorgeous and the yarn looks gorgeous and there is a baby, Luis, who received the most gorgeous sweater and you can’t help but fall a little in love with him too! Her nephew Hank was rocking a fabulous sweater as well. Lucky, lucky were the receivers of these gifts.

Who knew when I woke up this morning at such a late hour that this would happen?? Certainly, not me. But that is the most wonderful thing about life, you just never know what is going to happen.

It was a glorious shout out from a woman I admire so much. Who can make me nod and laugh while reading her blogs. She has fantastic crazy knitting skills but when things go astray, she will be the first to say, it got the better of me. I love that about her.

I thank you Ms. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee for making my day!

Happy knitting!



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