Merry and tired….

We had a lovely, quiet Christmas. Until the Xbox 36o was hooked up, it was peaceful. Now it has been filled with racing car noise. I had to put a time limit on this today.

We went to the movies yesterday and saw Parental Guidance and I can highly recommend it. How can you go wrong with Bette Midler and Billy Crystal, right? On our way home there is an area that is keeping a huge population of Bald Eagles busy so we stopped to watch these magnificent birds. When Hurricane Sandy blew through she pushed water up an area that usually sees water, but the capacity was increased and when the waters receded lots of fish were stranded. So we have about 100 Bald Eagles having a pretty nice feast.

I got a little teary eyed yesterday when we sat down to Christmas dinner. I was missing the noisy table with all my family and our traditional French Meat pies. It was just us and a lasagna and some noise. Otherwise, really lovely Christmas.

I do have some news! The Yankee Dyer Etsy shop is OPEN!!! Yes, you heard it here first. We are open and ready for business. I will begin dyeing new colorways in 2013 and introduce a new base…..! So exciting I can barely stand it.

I have decided that I MUST knit despite the hand situation because I ate way too much over the last few days. I cast on the Vitamin D cardigan, after completing a proper swatch, of course. It really is a lovely proper swatch too. While I am at work tomorrow, I will block it…very proper!

Speaking of work, I am working tomorrow from 10-9 at the knit shop. Frankly a little break from home is a welcome thought right about now.

Hubby loved his hat! He even took a picture for me.slof

The pattern is the Slofock cap by Anne Hanson and it is a “slouchy” style hat that I modified for my hubby. Really I just shortened it so there would be no slouch. I adore the thermal ribbing and the yarn is Madeline Tosh DK in the Tannehill colorway. It was a fun, quick knit.

I hope that all your holidays were merry and bright and possibly snow-covered. We had a slight mix of precipitation on Christmas Eve day and that made my heart happy. Not quite New England, but close.

I am off to reclaim the TV…..

Happy Holidays,





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