The Countdown begins….

The Christmas excitement is starting to build, you can feel it. I heard my son talking to Bob, our Elf on the Shelf, and telling him how much he wants an Xbox 360. It’s really sweet that the bells still ring for him.

Today I was invited to a lovely gathering of friends and great food. I enjoyed myself so much. Of course, we were all knitters!!

On the way home, I bought a pizza for the family. I have been cooking for many days and the thought of making dinner was not very appealing. So after dinner, we suddenly heard sirens and they were coming closer and closer. You have to understand that we live “off the grid”, in a backwoods area, so sirens coming down your street are a big deal. We grabbed our coats and ran outside. There were two fire engines and one ambulance and all the lights were going and the ambulance was carrying Santa!! He spoke to Bryce and asked him what he wanted and candy was given out. It was really quite amazing and I was so glad that I was home to see it.


I have one more day of work tomorrow! We are doing a stitch marker swap, should be fun.

I still have all the wrapping to do and icing of the cookies not to mention the grocery shopping. No need to panic, it will get done!

I am off to do something right now…

See you soon!



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