Random Acts on Ravelry…

It’s raining cats and dog out there and the wind is crazy. It was definitely a two hand on the wheel kind of night.

I just came back from my knit night and holiday potluck. The food was delish and the company so wonderful. I really love our time together on Thursday!!

I have been making dough and cookies and cooking for both potlucks and even squeezed in a mammogram, well, actually, they squeezed me!! The ta ta’s a good for another year.

I got a call last night at work from my child who informing me that we are out of Royal Icing and could I come home and make more…I love that kid. He loves decorating the cookies as much as I do. My hubby just likes to eat them.

I finally got on the computer and of course went right to Ravelry to get my “fix” and I found the most wonderful surprise. I had received a Random Act of Kindness and someone sent me a lovely shawl pattern. I was really touched. I quickly sent this mystery knitter of thank you and now it is my turn to do the same. Such a lovely gesture. Knitters are some of the nicest people!

On another note, I participated in a swap for Indie Dyers and I received the most beautiful yarn as well as the most beautiful fiber to spin. My swapee wants to encourage the spinner in me. Oh, this is a slippery slope. This is so beautiful that of course I am dyeing to do something with it. Going to have to research spinning. Here is a picture of the lovely…


I could be in serious trouble, this is speaking to me and it really wants to be something.

I hope that you all are done shopping or at least close to being done. Stay safe on the road. The closer to Christmas, the crazier the drivers.

Tomorrow morning I am doing nothing but knitting for a couple of hours. I am in need of some me time.

See you soon,




2 responses to “Random Acts on Ravelry…

  1. thanks again for the RAK pattern! I love it! and now I will be stalking ur etsy shop looking for the perfect yarn to knit it with 😉 btw, when will you be re-stocking the shop?


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