Flour, Sugar and Butter, Oh my…

These are a few of my favorite things!

I was at the grocery store again loading up on the above items. I made the sugar cookie and gingersnap doughs this morning. Tomorrow will be a baking day. Yay!

As I stood in my kitchen I realized that some of my favorite things a live in there as well. When we built our home on Cape Cod, my first Valentine’s Day gift from my hubby was my beloved Kitchen Aid Mixer. I love that appliance more than any of the other appliances. I also love all things Williams-Sonoma. I could spend hours in this store and don’t get me started about their sales or their Outlets….swoon!! One Christmas before we had our son, my hubby went nuts in our local shop and I had a complete Williams-Sonoma Christmas. It was beyond awesome!

I adore making the sugar cookies and decorating with royal icing. I have everything you could possibly need. And a cookie cutter collection that I am quite proud of. I will take a picture when I haul it all out.

I decided what I am going to make for the potlucks I am going to and one of the recipes I want to share with you all because it is so good. Maybe I can post it tomorrow, as my hand is barely holding up.

I did finish my one and only knitted Christmas gift. I can’t really take a picture either at the moment.

I have a busy, busy day tomorrow, so I think I will head to bed.





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