In wake of the devastation in Newtown, CT, I can’t imagine why the press feels the need to attempt to interview children??

Also, I guess I wasn’t prepared to see the names and ages, which broke my heart all over again, if that is even possible. I ached so badly I was practically doubled over. I could just picture what they were doing in their classroom, as my son was that age only 3 years ago.

The world knows what happened. I would think that the parents would want privacy. Is it legal for them to print this info?? In light of the ages of these children, I guess I thought it would just be more private.

I awoke this morning with a tension headache that stayed with me all day. I didn’t watch the news today. Sometimes you can only take so much heartbreaking news.

In my opinion, I just feel like the media become bloodsuckers and live for the thrill/ratings even if it mean attempting to interview traumatized children. Please give this community space and time so that the healing process can begin. And for heaven’s sake, I beg of you to not televise the funerals. Please put yourself in these people’s shoes and let them grieve in peace.

Also, please stop throwing around Asperger’s with regards to the killer. When I heard this I almost blew my top. Educate yourselves and have facts before you start throwing around things like this. Irresponsible on so many levels in my book.

Frankly, it’s hard to feel festive knowing that others are suffering so.

Forgive my rant, but the media makes me nuts!





2 responses to “Media….

  1. Well felt & expressed. Remember love of one another trumps all!


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