YD FO…..

Not sure what that stands for, it stands for Yankee Dyer Finished Objects! Some of my customers have been very busy knitter.

This beautiful sweater is knit with my very first hand dye. The base was Yankee Pride and the colorway is Tiger Lily and I think that Bonnie did a fabulous job.BMH

Again, I am not a great photographer and the lighting was less than great. Another couple of finished objects are these darling Gator scarfs knit by Norma  and one is done in an original handpaint. It is quite a thrill to see what the magic of knitting needles can do to my yarn.


In case you are wondering about the pattern, it is called Baby Aligators and can be found on Ravelry. They really are quite darling. The first one was my first handpaint and both are done in the Yankee Pride base.

Hear is a little heads up! In 2013 look for TheYankeeDyer in Etsy. We will have our own shop! Yay for progress!!

Happy Knitting,







One response to “YD FO…..

  1. Etsy? Fabulous!


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