Tis’ the Season….

Its been a rather exciting day here at my house. Lots of things going on…

Hubby took the day off and went to a special lunch in DC at the National Press Club to see the one and only,  James Taylor. He had the time of his life!! We are huge JT fans. He spoke for a few minutes my hubby said and then out came the guitar. He met some very interesting people there including the lovely lady who escorted him to the FRONT where he sat next to her at the MEMBERS table. He is pretty much walking on air. There is also a picture of him and James, it is a bit blurry, but, a picture with the man nonetheless.

So unfortunate that the picture is blurry.

I did receive a lovely Thank You note from all the Port Ludlow Retreat knitters and it did fill my heart with joy. It’s the little things…!

I am still knitting a bit here in there. Mostly in spurts, trying to keep the hand feeling at least OK. So far, so good.

I did do a good deed today and brought wool to someone who can’t easily get out. We ended up having a lovely visit and I made her happy. Tis the season…

I am off to get cozy and watch Rudolph with the family.


One response to “Tis’ the Season….

  1. At last – I am so glad the YH knitters came through! I was wondering about them!


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