Making string even prettier…

How funny is it that there is a bead store right around the corner from my doctor’s office! All my friends are most likely jumping up and down with glee as I won’t drive to Old Town Alexandria. Now I can get what I need and not bother anyone. They want me back in 6 weeks…not a problem!

Last night my hand felt a little better and I immediately cast on for my hubby’s Christmas gift hat and the hand and wrist feel better today. Maybe things are on an upswing? Here’s to hoping.

Enough about me, onto my next favorite thing. This would be my yarn bowl(s). Yes, I have 2…I bought one and one was a gift. These are from a very gifted potter, Phyllis Handal and she is a local artisan. She not only makes the pottery she then hand paints them…breathtaking!

Here are my bowls…

Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis


They really are beautiful. If you are interested, leave a comment and I will give you her email address.

Here is what I was fooling around with today. It will be Ribband by Laura Nelkin.


Show you what the finished product looks like tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day,





One response to “Making string even prettier…

  1. I love my yarn bowl!!!…xoxox


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