Girls and Beads….

Happy December 1st. I am starting to feel in the spirit of the season. I was busy making my lists and hubby put up the tree. Decorating took place outside and inside and all is looking merry and bright. We are on our way…

Last night I had a rare chance to hang with my girlfriends and do some beading with some other great knitters and Laura Nelkin. It was serious business  stringing those beads. You could hear them dropping all over the place. The three of us were making the Mudra Cuff. If you’ve ever wanted to try beading, this is a great way to see if you enjoy it. Also you get immediate satisfaction, which as a knitter, you know this is a big deal. I think the three of us are pretty addicted.

Laura was wearing her Trapeze Mystery KAL shawl and boy was it beautiful. I have been online today looking at beads and whatnot…addicting!

Here is what I was working on.


And here are the three of us.


And as we left, this is what greeted us. Let the season begin.


We really had a wonderful evening together. Great friends, food, wine and beads. Nothing left to do but go home.



One response to “Girls and Beads….

  1. Great picture!


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