The countdown to Christmas is upon us. I bet many of you have Christmas knitting that needs to get done. I have a few things myself, but a Carpal Tunnel/Tendonitis thingy is going on in my right hand and it was bad enough that I called and saw the doctor. Just call me lefty, as my righty is in a brace! So knitting is a bit out of the question. I have tried and I am so afraid that I will injure it further that I just can’t take that risk.

I can however BEAD! I am telling you that things really do happen for a reason. Laura coming and teaching her wonderful class opened up a whole other world to me and I could do it without much effort on part of my hand/wrist. So guess what will be keeping me busy for a bit. If you see me around, I may sparkle just a bit brighter over these next few week. Tis the season for sparkle, tis it not? Before I went to work I surfed right over to Laura’s Etsy site and scarfed up some beautiful beads in the hopes of knitting her shawl Trapeze. Either way, everything that leaves this house will have beads on it. If the dog stands still, I might bead her!!  🙂

See, I have options…


I have to go into town tomorrow and I will be stopping at A.C. Moore for more clasps and things. Hubby thinks it’s great and I agree.

I am off to string some beads and watch Home Alone with the family!

Happy, Happy to all!


2 responses to “Decisions….

  1. Looks like you are ready for a big snow storm


  2. Sorry about your right hand – hopefully rest will help – in the past rest has been the only thing to help the tendonitis in my right thumb.

    When you’re ready to start your Trapeze, it turns out there were several of us here in the area that did it during the Mystery KAL in case you need in person help.

    I hope you find good clasps at A.C. Moore!

    The Mudra Cuff class Friday night was great.
    – KnitFoolDeirdre on Rav


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