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Who knew…

I awoke today much later than usual. I am totally taking advantage of the no school and hubby is home portion of the holidays. Sleeping to 10:00 was so wonderful and I always think that it is wonderful until my whole day gets a bit topsy-turvy.

The boys headed out to do errands in one direction and I in another. I was already in my car and of course, realised that I had forgotten my list, and had to run back in. I left the door to the car open and car running. I heard the telephone ringing and I answered it. It was my friend Lynne and she sounded so excited. She asked me, “have you seen the posting”, I said no, “what are you talking about”. She says again, “have you seen the Yarn Harlot’s post for today?”. I answer again, “no, haven’t been on the computer yet”. She proceeds to tell me what has happened and I immediately burst into sobs, great big happy, sobs. I take off my glasses and proceed to the nearest computer and fire it up and keep sobbing. I finally get on the internet and I start typing and there it is. Her fantastic blog post with all the fabulous knitted gifts she had made for the people who matter most in her life. Up front is a beautiful pair of socks she has knit for her dear friend Ken in The Yankee Dyer yarn Puritan in one of my favorite colorway. I am completely blown away. First, the socks are gorgeous and the yarn looks gorgeous and there is a baby, Luis, who received the most gorgeous sweater and you can’t help but fall a little in love with him too! Her nephew Hank was rocking a fabulous sweater as well. Lucky, lucky were the receivers of these gifts.

Who knew when I woke up this morning at such a late hour that this would happen?? Certainly, not me. But that is the most wonderful thing about life, you just never know what is going to happen.

It was a glorious shout out from a woman I admire so much. Who can make me nod and laugh while reading her blogs. She has fantastic crazy knitting skills but when things go astray, she will be the first to say, it got the better of me. I love that about her.

I thank you Ms. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee for making my day!

Happy knitting!



Merry and tired….

We had a lovely, quiet Christmas. Until the Xbox 36o was hooked up, it was peaceful. Now it has been filled with racing car noise. I had to put a time limit on this today.

We went to the movies yesterday and saw Parental Guidance and I can highly recommend it. How can you go wrong with Bette Midler and Billy Crystal, right? On our way home there is an area that is keeping a huge population of Bald Eagles busy so we stopped to watch these magnificent birds. When Hurricane Sandy blew through she pushed water up an area that usually sees water, but the capacity was increased and when the waters receded lots of fish were stranded. So we have about 100 Bald Eagles having a pretty nice feast.

I got a little teary eyed yesterday when we sat down to Christmas dinner. I was missing the noisy table with all my family and our traditional French Meat pies. It was just us and a lasagna and some noise. Otherwise, really lovely Christmas.

I do have some news! The Yankee Dyer Etsy shop is OPEN!!! Yes, you heard it here first. We are open and ready for business. I will begin dyeing new colorways in 2013 and introduce a new base…..! So exciting I can barely stand it.

I have decided that I MUST knit despite the hand situation because I ate way too much over the last few days. I cast on the Vitamin D cardigan, after completing a proper swatch, of course. It really is a lovely proper swatch too. While I am at work tomorrow, I will block it…very proper!

Speaking of work, I am working tomorrow from 10-9 at the knit shop. Frankly a little break from home is a welcome thought right about now.

Hubby loved his hat! He even took a picture for me.slof

The pattern is the Slofock cap by Anne Hanson and it is a “slouchy” style hat that I modified for my hubby. Really I just shortened it so there would be no slouch. I adore the thermal ribbing and the yarn is Madeline Tosh DK in the Tannehill colorway. It was a fun, quick knit.

I hope that all your holidays were merry and bright and possibly snow-covered. We had a slight mix of precipitation on Christmas Eve day and that made my heart happy. Not quite New England, but close.

I am off to reclaim the TV…..

Happy Holidays,




My Christmas Wish…..

The hustle and bustle is still taking place in the kitchen. Where lasagna is being assembled for tomorrow as is our Christmas morning breakfast bake. Trying to get as much done as possible so I can enjoy the day tomorrow!

We still have some stealth wrapping to do and the weather isn’t cooperating so I can’t send the child out. Might have to lock one of us in a room to wrap this up…literally.


Bryce has finally showed an interest in doing the gingerbread house, so I am off to assist with that.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!! I’ll see you before the New Year!!


The Countdown begins….

The Christmas excitement is starting to build, you can feel it. I heard my son talking to Bob, our Elf on the Shelf, and telling him how much he wants an Xbox 360. It’s really sweet that the bells still ring for him.

Today I was invited to a lovely gathering of friends and great food. I enjoyed myself so much. Of course, we were all knitters!!

On the way home, I bought a pizza for the family. I have been cooking for many days and the thought of making dinner was not very appealing. So after dinner, we suddenly heard sirens and they were coming closer and closer. You have to understand that we live “off the grid”, in a backwoods area, so sirens coming down your street are a big deal. We grabbed our coats and ran outside. There were two fire engines and one ambulance and all the lights were going and the ambulance was carrying Santa!! He spoke to Bryce and asked him what he wanted and candy was given out. It was really quite amazing and I was so glad that I was home to see it.


I have one more day of work tomorrow! We are doing a stitch marker swap, should be fun.

I still have all the wrapping to do and icing of the cookies not to mention the grocery shopping. No need to panic, it will get done!

I am off to do something right now…

See you soon!


Random Acts on Ravelry…

It’s raining cats and dog out there and the wind is crazy. It was definitely a two hand on the wheel kind of night.

I just came back from my knit night and holiday potluck. The food was delish and the company so wonderful. I really love our time together on Thursday!!

I have been making dough and cookies and cooking for both potlucks and even squeezed in a mammogram, well, actually, they squeezed me!! The ta ta’s a good for another year.

I got a call last night at work from my child who informing me that we are out of Royal Icing and could I come home and make more…I love that kid. He loves decorating the cookies as much as I do. My hubby just likes to eat them.

I finally got on the computer and of course went right to Ravelry to get my “fix” and I found the most wonderful surprise. I had received a Random Act of Kindness and someone sent me a lovely shawl pattern. I was really touched. I quickly sent this mystery knitter of thank you and now it is my turn to do the same. Such a lovely gesture. Knitters are some of the nicest people!

On another note, I participated in a swap for Indie Dyers and I received the most beautiful yarn as well as the most beautiful fiber to spin. My swapee wants to encourage the spinner in me. Oh, this is a slippery slope. This is so beautiful that of course I am dyeing to do something with it. Going to have to research spinning. Here is a picture of the lovely…


I could be in serious trouble, this is speaking to me and it really wants to be something.

I hope that you all are done shopping or at least close to being done. Stay safe on the road. The closer to Christmas, the crazier the drivers.

Tomorrow morning I am doing nothing but knitting for a couple of hours. I am in need of some me time.

See you soon,



Flour, Sugar and Butter, Oh my…

These are a few of my favorite things!

I was at the grocery store again loading up on the above items. I made the sugar cookie and gingersnap doughs this morning. Tomorrow will be a baking day. Yay!

As I stood in my kitchen I realized that some of my favorite things a live in there as well. When we built our home on Cape Cod, my first Valentine’s Day gift from my hubby was my beloved Kitchen Aid Mixer. I love that appliance more than any of the other appliances. I also love all things Williams-Sonoma. I could spend hours in this store and don’t get me started about their sales or their Outlets….swoon!! One Christmas before we had our son, my hubby went nuts in our local shop and I had a complete Williams-Sonoma Christmas. It was beyond awesome!

I adore making the sugar cookies and decorating with royal icing. I have everything you could possibly need. And a cookie cutter collection that I am quite proud of. I will take a picture when I haul it all out.

I decided what I am going to make for the potlucks I am going to and one of the recipes I want to share with you all because it is so good. Maybe I can post it tomorrow, as my hand is barely holding up.

I did finish my one and only knitted Christmas gift. I can’t really take a picture either at the moment.

I have a busy, busy day tomorrow, so I think I will head to bed.




Finished Object Alert…

As I look at the calendar and hear my son do the countdown to Santa, I can’t help but feel a little panicked. I am not sure why? I think that all the gifts are bought and just need to be wrapped. I should consult with my list to be super sure. That is one of my favorite parts and usually leave it for last because I love it so.

Maybe the baking is freaking me out? As soon as I post this, I am headed into the kitchen to make the sugar cookie dough. I will do the cutouts tomorrow or Tuesday and decorate with Bryce at some point. Tis the season for royal icing.

I have 2 potlucks to go to at the knit shop this week. One on Wednesday and one on Thursday. I think that has me stressed. What to make, what to make?? Main dish, or dessert?? I will figure it out.

I work at my LYS and the place was busy with knitters and customers getting gifts for their knitter friends today. I love that they know what will make them happy!

I forgot to post a picture of me wearing my poncho. How did that happen? Here I am…


It is definitely public knitting and great TV knitting and you think it will never end, but when it does, viola, you have a really great poncho that is totally light, yet warm. I have been wearing it everywhere and I so love being free from the bulky jacket feeling in the car.

The pattern is the Easy Fold Poncho from Churchmouse Yarns and Tea and I did mine in Rowan Felted Tweed on a US #7 needle.

I am decreasing on the hat and had a bit of a yarn emergency this morning. Nothing a quick Google search couldn’t fix. What did we ever do before Google?? I feel like I am always Googling  or YouTubing something.

My hand is totally killing me, but I refuse to give into the pain. Damn you carpal tunnel, damn you.

I am off to make cookie dough!

Happy Knitting,






In wake of the devastation in Newtown, CT, I can’t imagine why the press feels the need to attempt to interview children??

Also, I guess I wasn’t prepared to see the names and ages, which broke my heart all over again, if that is even possible. I ached so badly I was practically doubled over. I could just picture what they were doing in their classroom, as my son was that age only 3 years ago.

The world knows what happened. I would think that the parents would want privacy. Is it legal for them to print this info?? In light of the ages of these children, I guess I thought it would just be more private.

I awoke this morning with a tension headache that stayed with me all day. I didn’t watch the news today. Sometimes you can only take so much heartbreaking news.

In my opinion, I just feel like the media become bloodsuckers and live for the thrill/ratings even if it mean attempting to interview traumatized children. Please give this community space and time so that the healing process can begin. And for heaven’s sake, I beg of you to not televise the funerals. Please put yourself in these people’s shoes and let them grieve in peace.

Also, please stop throwing around Asperger’s with regards to the killer. When I heard this I almost blew my top. Educate yourselves and have facts before you start throwing around things like this. Irresponsible on so many levels in my book.

Frankly, it’s hard to feel festive knowing that others are suffering so.

Forgive my rant, but the media makes me nuts!




YD FO…..

Not sure what that stands for, it stands for Yankee Dyer Finished Objects! Some of my customers have been very busy knitter.

This beautiful sweater is knit with my very first hand dye. The base was Yankee Pride and the colorway is Tiger Lily and I think that Bonnie did a fabulous job.BMH

Again, I am not a great photographer and the lighting was less than great. Another couple of finished objects are these darling Gator scarfs knit by Norma  and one is done in an original handpaint. It is quite a thrill to see what the magic of knitting needles can do to my yarn.


In case you are wondering about the pattern, it is called Baby Aligators and can be found on Ravelry. They really are quite darling. The first one was my first handpaint and both are done in the Yankee Pride base.

Hear is a little heads up! In 2013 look for TheYankeeDyer in Etsy. We will have our own shop! Yay for progress!!

Happy Knitting,







I couldn’t let this day go by without acknowledging what has happened in Connecticut today. I was out and about doing errands today and never heard a news report until around 2:00 pm when I sat down and turned on the TV.

As a native Rhode Islander, this touched very close to home. I watched the TV in absolute horror. Then the tears started and wouldn’t stop. I immediately thought of our son at his elementary school and the tears became sobs.

I had to turn off the TV. I had a real problem that the news reporters were actually attempting to interview children. Have they no respect. They “reported” that the children appeared calm….correction…it’s actually called SHOCK!

I did see the President speak and you could tell he was speaking as a father. As a mother, I couldn’t wait to get my son home and just hug him a bit longer and tighter.

My heart is heavy for all the families and first responders. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.